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authorwenxu <wenxu@ucloud.cn>2019-02-24 11:36:20 +0800
committerDavid S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>2019-02-27 12:50:17 -0800
commit24ba14406c5c8e33fcbe064f77b3ab01b84ec830 (patch)
tree88eee234f6c4e037ad2467b8c370ed1541f5e366 /net/ipv4/route.c
parentMerge branch 'net-Remove-switchdev_ops' (diff)
route: Add multipath_hash in flowi_common to make user-define hash
Current fib_multipath_hash_policy can make hash based on the L3 or L4. But it only work on the outer IP. So a specific tunnel always has the same hash value. But a specific tunnel may contain so many inner connections. This patch provide a generic multipath_hash in floi_common. It can make a user-define hash which can mix with L3 or L4 hash. Signed-off-by: wenxu <wenxu@ucloud.cn> Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
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1 files changed, 4 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/net/ipv4/route.c b/net/ipv4/route.c
index ecc12a768191..7cf4c8305071 100644
--- a/net/ipv4/route.c
+++ b/net/ipv4/route.c
@@ -1820,6 +1820,7 @@ out:
int fib_multipath_hash(const struct net *net, const struct flowi4 *fl4,
const struct sk_buff *skb, struct flow_keys *flkeys)
+ u32 multipath_hash = fl4->flowi4_multipath_hash;
struct flow_keys hash_keys;
u32 mhash;
@@ -1870,6 +1871,9 @@ int fib_multipath_hash(const struct net *net, const struct flowi4 *fl4,
mhash = flow_hash_from_keys(&hash_keys);
+ if (multipath_hash)
+ mhash = jhash_2words(mhash, multipath_hash, 0);
return mhash >> 1;