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authorThomas Graf <tgraf@suug.ch>2008-05-28 16:54:22 +0200
committerYOSHIFUJI Hideaki <yoshfuji@linux-ipv6.org>2008-06-05 04:02:31 +0900
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parent[IPV6] UDP: Possible dst leak in udpv6_sendmsg. (diff)
[IPV6] ADDRCONF: Check range of prefix length
As of now, the prefix length is not vaildated when adding or deleting addresses. The value is passed directly into the inet6_ifaddr structure and later passed on to memcmp() as length indicator which relies on the value never to exceed 128 (bits). Due to the missing check, the currently code allows for any 8 bit value to be passed on as prefix length while using the netlink interface, and any 32 bit value while using the ioctl interface. [Use unsigned int instead to generate better code - yoshfuji] Signed-off-by: Thomas Graf <tgraf@suug.ch> Signed-off-by: YOSHIFUJI Hideaki <yoshfuji@linux-ipv6.org>
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