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parentpppoe: Use workqueue to die properly when a PADT is received (diff)
parentnet: move skb->dropcount to skb->cb[] (diff)
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Eyal Birger says: ==================== net: move skb->dropcount to skb->cb[] Commit 977750076d98 ("af_packet: add interframe drop cmsg (v6)") unionized skb->mark and skb->dropcount in order to allow recording of the socket drop count while maintaining struct sk_buff size. skb->dropcount was introduced since there was no available room in skb->cb[] in packet sockets. However, its introduction led to the inability to export skb->mark to userspace. It was considered to alias skb->priority instead of skb->mark. However, that would lead to the inabilty to export skb->priority to userspace if desired. Such change may also lead to hard-to-find issues as skb->priority is assumed to be alias free, and, as noted by Shmulik Ladkani, is not 'naturally orthogonal' with other skb fields. This patch series follows the suggestions made by Eric Dumazet moving the dropcount metric to skb->cb[], eliminating this problem at the expense of 4 bytes less in skb->cb[] for protocol families using it. The patch series include compactization of bluetooth and packet use of skb->cb[] as well as the infrastructure for placing dropcount in skb->cb[]. ==================== Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
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