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authorKrzysztof Kazimierczak <krzysztof.kazimierczak@intel.com>2019-01-10 20:29:02 +0100
committerDaniel Borkmann <daniel@iogearbox.net>2019-01-15 20:51:57 +0100
commitcc5b5d3565048ae57d14e5674a5fb085b2ab0193 (patch)
tree802382d715a03e5f6e1f20558a700df5800533a3 /net/xdp
parentMerge tag 'trace-v5.0-rc1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/rostedt/linux-trace (diff)
xsk: Check if a queue exists during umem setup
In the xdp_umem_assign_dev() path, the xsk code does not check if a queue for which umem is to be created exists. It leads to a situation where umem is not assigned to any Tx/Rx queue of a netdevice, without notifying the stack about an error. This affects both XDP_SKB and XDP_DRV modes - in case of XDP_DRV_ZC, queue index is checked by the driver. This patch fixes xsk code, so that in both XDP_SKB and XDP_DRV mode of AF_XDP, an error is returned when requested queue index exceedes an existing maximum. Fixes: c9b47cc1fabca ("xsk: fix bug when trying to use both copy and zero-copy on one queue id") Reported-by: Jakub Spizewski <jakub.spizewski@intel.com> Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Kazimierczak <krzysztof.kazimierczak@intel.com> Acked-by: Björn Töpel <bjorn.topel@intel.com> Signed-off-by: Daniel Borkmann <daniel@iogearbox.net>
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1 files changed, 13 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/net/xdp/xdp_umem.c b/net/xdp/xdp_umem.c
index a264cf2accd0..d4de871e7d4d 100644
--- a/net/xdp/xdp_umem.c
+++ b/net/xdp/xdp_umem.c
@@ -41,13 +41,20 @@ void xdp_del_sk_umem(struct xdp_umem *umem, struct xdp_sock *xs)
* not know if the device has more tx queues than rx, or the opposite.
* This might also change during run time.
-static void xdp_reg_umem_at_qid(struct net_device *dev, struct xdp_umem *umem,
- u16 queue_id)
+static int xdp_reg_umem_at_qid(struct net_device *dev, struct xdp_umem *umem,
+ u16 queue_id)
+ if (queue_id >= max_t(unsigned int,
+ dev->real_num_rx_queues,
+ dev->real_num_tx_queues))
+ return -EINVAL;
if (queue_id < dev->real_num_rx_queues)
dev->_rx[queue_id].umem = umem;
if (queue_id < dev->real_num_tx_queues)
dev->_tx[queue_id].umem = umem;
+ return 0;
struct xdp_umem *xdp_get_umem_from_qid(struct net_device *dev,
@@ -88,7 +95,10 @@ int xdp_umem_assign_dev(struct xdp_umem *umem, struct net_device *dev,
goto out_rtnl_unlock;
- xdp_reg_umem_at_qid(dev, umem, queue_id);
+ err = xdp_reg_umem_at_qid(dev, umem, queue_id);
+ if (err)
+ goto out_rtnl_unlock;
umem->dev = dev;
umem->queue_id = queue_id;
if (force_copy)