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parentnet: mdio: rename mdio_device reset to reset_gpio (diff)
Merge branch 'net-add-reset-controller-driven-PHY-reset'
David Bauer says: ==================== net: add reset-controller driven PHY reset This patchset adds support for a PHY reset driven by a reset-controller. Currently, only GPIO driven resets are supported by the PHY subsystem. It also renames the reset-gpio from 'reset' to 'reset_gpio' to better differentiate between resets wired to a GPIO and resets wired to a reset-controller driven pin. Some systems have the PHY reset-line wired to a pin controlled by a reset-controller (eg. some Atheros AR9132 based boards). In case the bootloader asserts reset before loading the kernel, we currently do not have a clean way of deasserting reset to probe the PHY. v3: - add missing newline in mdio_bus.c v2: - fixed missed rename of "reset" in at803x.c - move initial reset to mdio_device_reset ==================== Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
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