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authorJean Delvare <khali@linux-fr.org>2007-02-05 13:07:04 +0100
committerJaroslav Kysela <perex@suse.cz>2007-02-09 09:03:55 +0100
commit1ab774e049085da6facfaf3b24d54158c3f0f5b3 (patch)
tree3a266d2a2b1f3d1c46e2fca44f3353c4f9886b4b /sound/i2c
parent[ALSA] ac97_bus power management (diff)
[ALSA] snd-ak4114: Fix two array overflows
Fix the handling of the TXCSB registers cache. There was one array overflow in reg_write() and one in snd_ak4114_reg_write(). Thanks to David Binderman for reporting the latter. The second overflow probably doesn't matter much, given that the function snd_ak4114_reg_write() appears to be never called. I wonder why it exists and why it is exported. Signed-off-by: Jean Delvare <khali@linux-fr.org> Signed-off-by: Takashi Iwai <tiwai@suse.de> Signed-off-by: Jaroslav Kysela <perex@suse.cz>
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1 files changed, 4 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/sound/i2c/other/ak4114.c b/sound/i2c/other/ak4114.c
index d2b17c83fd33..adbfd5884d06 100644
--- a/sound/i2c/other/ak4114.c
+++ b/sound/i2c/other/ak4114.c
@@ -42,8 +42,8 @@ static void reg_write(struct ak4114 *ak4114, unsigned char reg, unsigned char va
ak4114->write(ak4114->private_data, reg, val);
if (reg <= AK4114_REG_INT1_MASK)
ak4114->regmap[reg] = val;
- else if (reg >= AK4114_REG_RXCSB0 && reg <= AK4114_REG_TXCSB4)
- ak4114->txcsb[reg-AK4114_REG_RXCSB0] = val;
+ else if (reg >= AK4114_REG_TXCSB0 && reg <= AK4114_REG_TXCSB4)
+ ak4114->txcsb[reg-AK4114_REG_TXCSB0] = val;
static inline unsigned char reg_read(struct ak4114 *ak4114, unsigned char reg)
@@ -127,7 +127,8 @@ void snd_ak4114_reg_write(struct ak4114 *chip, unsigned char reg, unsigned char
if (reg <= AK4114_REG_INT1_MASK)
reg_write(chip, reg, (chip->regmap[reg] & ~mask) | val);
else if (reg >= AK4114_REG_TXCSB0 && reg <= AK4114_REG_TXCSB4)
- reg_write(chip, reg, (chip->txcsb[reg] & ~mask) | val);
+ reg_write(chip, reg,
+ (chip->txcsb[reg-AK4114_REG_TXCSB0] & ~mask) | val);
void snd_ak4114_reinit(struct ak4114 *chip)