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authorToke Høiland-Jørgensen <toke@redhat.com>2020-02-17 18:17:01 +0100
committerDaniel Borkmann <daniel@iogearbox.net>2020-02-18 15:34:20 +0100
commit113e6b7e15e23dc45d5c66eb66bb91a627812e36 (patch)
tree96d646cc04e8d070610f657cb716217268e2d3d9 /tools/lib
parentbpf, uapi: Remove text about bpf_redirect_map() giving higher performance (diff)
libbpf: Sanitise internal map names so they are not rejected by the kernel
The kernel only accepts map names with alphanumeric characters, underscores and periods in their name. However, the auto-generated internal map names used by libbpf takes their prefix from the user-supplied BPF object name, which has no such restriction. This can lead to "Invalid argument" errors when trying to load a BPF program using global variables. Fix this by sanitising the map names, replacing any non-allowed characters with underscores. Fixes: d859900c4c56 ("bpf, libbpf: support global data/bss/rodata sections") Signed-off-by: Toke Høiland-Jørgensen <toke@redhat.com> Signed-off-by: Daniel Borkmann <daniel@iogearbox.net> Link: https://lore.kernel.org/bpf/20200217171701.215215-1-toke@redhat.com
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1 files changed, 7 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/tools/lib/bpf/libbpf.c b/tools/lib/bpf/libbpf.c
index 514b1a524abb..7469c7dcc15e 100644
--- a/tools/lib/bpf/libbpf.c
+++ b/tools/lib/bpf/libbpf.c
@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@
#include <endian.h>
#include <fcntl.h>
#include <errno.h>
+#include <ctype.h>
#include <asm/unistd.h>
#include <linux/err.h>
#include <linux/kernel.h>
@@ -1283,7 +1284,7 @@ static size_t bpf_map_mmap_sz(const struct bpf_map *map)
static char *internal_map_name(struct bpf_object *obj,
enum libbpf_map_type type)
- char map_name[BPF_OBJ_NAME_LEN];
+ char map_name[BPF_OBJ_NAME_LEN], *p;
const char *sfx = libbpf_type_to_btf_name[type];
int sfx_len = max((size_t)7, strlen(sfx));
int pfx_len = min((size_t)BPF_OBJ_NAME_LEN - sfx_len - 1,
@@ -1292,6 +1293,11 @@ static char *internal_map_name(struct bpf_object *obj,
snprintf(map_name, sizeof(map_name), "%.*s%.*s", pfx_len, obj->name,
sfx_len, libbpf_type_to_btf_name[type]);
+ /* sanitise map name to characters allowed by kernel */
+ for (p = map_name; *p && p < map_name + sizeof(map_name); p++)
+ if (!isalnum(*p) && *p != '_' && *p != '.')
+ *p = '_';
return strdup(map_name);