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ktest: Add README to explain what is in the examples directory
Add a README that explains what the different example configs in the ktest example directory are about. Signed-off-by: Steven Rostedt <rostedt@goodmis.org>
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+This directory contains example configs to use ktest for various tasks.
+The configs still need to be customized for your environment, but it
+is broken up by task which makes it easier to understand how to set up
+The configs are based off of real working configs but have been modified
+and commented to show more generic use cases that are more helpful for
+crosstests.conf - this config shows an example of testing a git repo against
+ lots of different architectures. It only does build tests, but makes
+ it easy to compile test different archs. You can download the arch
+ cross compilers from:
+ http://kernel.org/pub/tools/crosstool/files/bin/x86_64/
+test.conf - A generic example of a config. This is based on an actual config
+ used to perform real testing.
+kvm.conf - A example of a config that is used to test a virtual guest running
+ on a host.
+snowball.conf - An example config that was used to demo ktest.pl against
+ a snowball ARM board.
+include/ - The include directory holds default configs that can be
+ included into other configs. This is a real use example that shows how
+ to reuse configs for various machines or set ups. The files here
+ are included by other config files, where the other config files define
+ options and variables that will make the included config work for the
+ given environment.