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parentof_net: fix of_get_mac_address retval if compiled without CONFIG_OF (diff)
Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net
Pull networking fixes from David Miller:1) Use after free in __dev_map_entry_free(), from Eric Dumazet. 1) Use after free in __dev_map_entry_free(), from Eric Dumazet. 2) Fix TCP retransmission timestamps on passive Fast Open, from Yuchung Cheng. 3) Orphan NFC, we'll take the patches directly into my tree. From Johannes Berg. 4) We can't recycle cloned TCP skbs, from Eric Dumazet. 5) Some flow dissector bpf test fixes, from Stanislav Fomichev. 6) Fix RCU marking and warnings in rhashtable, from Herbert Xu. 7) Fix some potential fib6 leaks, from Eric Dumazet. 8) Fix a _decode_session4 uninitialized memory read bug fix that got lost in a merge. From Florian Westphal. 9) Fix ipv6 source address routing wrt. exception route entries, from Wei Wang. 10) The netdev_xmit_more() conversion was not done %100 properly in mlx5 driver, fix from Tariq Toukan. 11) Clean up botched merge on netfilter kselftest, from Florian Westphal. * git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net: (74 commits) of_net: fix of_get_mac_address retval if compiled without CONFIG_OF net: fix kernel-doc warnings for socket.c net: Treat sock->sk_drops as an unsigned int when printing kselftests: netfilter: fix leftover net/net-next merge conflict mlxsw: core: Prevent reading unsupported slave address from SFP EEPROM mlxsw: core: Prevent QSFP module initialization for old hardware vsock/virtio: Initialize core virtio vsock before registering the driver net/mlx5e: Fix possible modify header actions memory leak net/mlx5e: Fix no rewrite fields with the same match net/mlx5e: Additional check for flow destination comparison net/mlx5e: Add missing ethtool driver info for representors net/mlx5e: Fix number of vports for ingress ACL configuration net/mlx5e: Fix ethtool rxfh commands when CONFIG_MLX5_EN_RXNFC is disabled net/mlx5e: Fix wrong xmit_more application net/mlx5: Fix peer pf disable hca command net/mlx5: E-Switch, Correct type to u16 for vport_num and int for vport_index net/mlx5: Add meaningful return codes to status_to_err function net/mlx5: Imply MLXFW in mlx5_core Revert "tipc: fix modprobe tipc failed after switch order of device registration" vsock/virtio: free packets during the socket release ...
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