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parentselftests: add missing test name in memory-hotplug test (diff)
selftests: fix memory-hotplug test
In the memory offline test, the $ration was used with RANDOM as the possibility to get it offlined, correct it to become the portion of available removable memory blocks. Also ask the tool to try to offline the next available memory block if the attempt is unsuccessful. It will only fail if all removable memory blocks are busy. A nice example: $ sudo ./test.sh Test scope: 10% hotplug memory online all hot-pluggable memory in offline state: SKIPPED - no hot-pluggable memory in offline state offline 10% hot-pluggable memory in online state trying to offline 3 out of 28 memory block(s): online->offline memory1 online->offline memory10 ./test.sh: line 74: echo: write error: Resource temporarily unavailable offline_memory_expect_success 10: unexpected fail online->offline memory100 online->offline memory101 online all hot-pluggable memory in offline state: offline->online memory1 offline->online memory100 offline->online memory101 skip extra tests: debugfs is not mounted $ echo $? 0 Signed-off-by: Po-Hsu Lin <po-hsu.lin@canonical.com> Signed-off-by: Shuah Khan <shuahkh@osg.samsung.com>
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