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@@ -2,7 +2,11 @@ Broadcom GISB bus Arbiter controller
Required properties:
-- compatible: should be "brcm,gisb-arb"
+- compatible:
+ "brcm,gisb-arb" or "brcm,bcm7445-gisb-arb" for 28nm chips
+ "brcm,bcm7435-gisb-arb" for newer 40nm chips
+ "brcm,bcm7400-gisb-arb" for older 40nm chips and all 65nm chips
+ "brcm,bcm7038-gisb-arb" for 130nm chips
- reg: specifies the base physical address and size of the registers
- interrupt-parent: specifies the phandle to the parent interrupt controller
this arbiter gets interrupt line from