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@@ -154,11 +154,12 @@ contains further md-specific information about the device.
All md devices contain:
- a text file indicating the 'raid level'. This may be a standard
- numerical level prefixed by "RAID-" - e.g. "RAID-5", or some
- other name such as "linear" or "multipath".
+ a text file indicating the 'raid level'. e.g. raid0, raid1,
+ raid5, linear, multipath, faulty.
If no raid level has been set yet (array is still being
- assembled), this file will be empty.
+ assembled), the value will reflect whatever has been written
+ to it, which may be a name like the above, or may be a number
+ such as '0', '5', etc.
a text file with a simple number indicating the number of devices
@@ -192,14 +193,6 @@ All md devices contain:
1.2 (newer format in varying locations) or "none" indicating that
the kernel isn't managing metadata at all.
- level
- The raid 'level' for this array. The name will often (but not
- always) be the same as the name of the module that implements the
- level. To be auto-loaded the module must have an alias
- md-$LEVEL e.g. md-raid5
- This can be written only while the array is being assembled, not
- after it is started.
The "layout" for the array for the particular level. This is
simply a number that is interpretted differently by different