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@@ -239,23 +239,6 @@ tcp_frto - INTEGER
interacts badly with the packet counting of the SACK enabled TCP
-tcp_frto_response - INTEGER
- When F-RTO has detected that a TCP retransmission timeout was
- spurious (i.e, the timeout would have been avoided had TCP set a
- longer retransmission timeout), TCP has several options what to do
- next. Possible values are:
- 0 Rate halving based; a smooth and conservative response,
- results in halved cwnd and ssthresh after one RTT
- 1 Very conservative response; not recommended because even
- though being valid, it interacts poorly with the rest of
- Linux TCP, halves cwnd and ssthresh immediately
- 2 Aggressive response; undoes congestion control measures
- that are now known to be unnecessary (ignoring the
- possibility of a lost retransmission that would require
- TCP to be more cautious), cwnd and ssthresh are restored
- to the values prior timeout
- Default: 0 (rate halving based)
tcp_keepalive_time - INTEGER
How often TCP sends out keepalive messages when keepalive is enabled.
Default: 2hours.