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@@ -13,15 +13,35 @@ The radiotap format is discussed in
Despite 13 radiotap argument types are currently defined, most only make sense
-to appear on received packets. Currently three kinds of argument are used by
-the injection code, although it knows to skip any other arguments that are
-present (facilitating replay of captured radiotap headers directly):
+to appear on received packets. The following information is parsed from the
+radiotap headers and used to control injection:
- - IEEE80211_RADIOTAP_RATE - u8 arg in 500kbps units (0x02 --> 1Mbps)
- - IEEE80211_RADIOTAP_ANTENNA - u8 arg, 0x00 = ant1, 0x01 = ant2
+ rate in 500kbps units, automatic if invalid or not present
- - IEEE80211_RADIOTAP_DBM_TX_POWER - u8 arg, dBm
+ antenna to use, automatic if not present
+ transmit power in dBm, automatic if not present
+ IEEE80211_RADIOTAP_F_FCS: FCS will be removed and recalculated
+ IEEE80211_RADIOTAP_F_WEP: frame will be encrypted if key available
+ IEEE80211_RADIOTAP_F_FRAG: frame will be fragmented if longer than the
+ current fragmentation threshold. Note that
+ this flag is only reliable when software
+ fragmentation is enabled)
+The injection code can also skip all other currently defined radiotap fields
+facilitating replay of captured radiotap headers directly.
Here is an example valid radiotap header defining these three parameters