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+ swsusp/S3 tricks
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+Pavel Machek <pavel@suse.cz>
+If you want to trick swsusp/S3 into working, you might want to try:
+* go with minimal config, turn off drivers like USB, AGP you don't
+ really need
+* turn off APIC and preempt
+* use ext2. At least it has working fsck. [If something seemes to go
+ wrong, force fsck when you have a chance]
+* turn off modules
+* use vga text console, shut down X. [If you really want X, you might
+ want to try vesafb later]
+* try running as few processes as possible, preferably go to single
+ user mode.
+* due to video issues, swsusp should be easier to get working than
+ S3. Try that first.
+When you make it work, try to find out what exactly was it that broke
+suspend, and preferably fix that.