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@@ -116,10 +116,12 @@ set during run time.
-Enables/Disables automatic recomputing of msgmni upon memory add/remove
-or upon ipc namespace creation/removal (see the msgmni description
-above). Echoing "1" into this file enables msgmni automatic recomputing.
-Echoing "0" turns it off. auto_msgmni default value is 1.
+This variable has no effect and may be removed in future kernel
+releases. Reading it always returns 0.
+Up to Linux 3.17, it enabled/disabled automatic recomputing of msgmni
+upon memory add/remove or upon ipc namespace creation/removal.
+Echoing "1" into this file enabled msgmni automatic recomputing.
+Echoing "0" turned it off. auto_msgmni default value was 1.