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Programming Interface
-Please note that the kernel crypto API contains the AEAD givcrypt API
-(crypto_aead_giv\* and aead_givcrypt\* function calls in
-include/crypto/aead.h). This API is obsolete and will be removed in the
-future. To obtain the functionality of an AEAD cipher with internal IV
-generation, use the IV generator as a regular cipher. For example,
-rfc4106(gcm(aes)) is the AEAD cipher with external IV generation and
-seqniv(rfc4106(gcm(aes))) implies that the kernel crypto API generates
-the IV. Different IV generators are available.
.. class:: toc-title
Table of contents
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@@ -157,10 +157,6 @@ applicable to a cipher, it is not displayed:
- rng for random number generator
- - givcipher for cipher with associated IV generator (see the geniv
- entry below for the specification of the IV generator type used by
- the cipher implementation)
- kpp for a Key-agreement Protocol Primitive (KPP) cipher such as
an ECDH or DH implementation
@@ -174,16 +170,7 @@ applicable to a cipher, it is not displayed:
- digestsize: output size of the message digest
-- geniv: IV generation type:
- - eseqiv for encrypted sequence number based IV generation
- - seqiv for sequence number based IV generation
- - chainiv for chain iv generation
- - <builtin> is a marker that the cipher implements IV generation and
- handling as it is specific to the given cipher
+- geniv: IV generator (obsolete)
Key Sizes
@@ -218,10 +205,6 @@ the aforementioned cipher types:
- CRYPTO_ALG_TYPE_ABLKCIPHER Asynchronous multi-block cipher
-- CRYPTO_ALG_TYPE_GIVCIPHER Asynchronous multi-block cipher packed
- together with an IV generator (see geniv field in the /proc/crypto
- listing for the known IV generators)
- CRYPTO_ALG_TYPE_KPP Key-agreement Protocol Primitive (KPP) such as
an ECDH or DH implementation
@@ -338,18 +321,14 @@ uses the API applicable to the cipher type specified for the block.
The following call sequence is applicable when the IPSEC layer triggers
an encryption operation with the esp_output function. During
-configuration, the administrator set up the use of rfc4106(gcm(aes)) as
-the cipher for ESP. The following call sequence is now depicted in the
-ASCII art above:
+configuration, the administrator set up the use of seqiv(rfc4106(gcm(aes)))
+as the cipher for ESP. The following call sequence is now depicted in
+the ASCII art above:
1. esp_output() invokes crypto_aead_encrypt() to trigger an
encryption operation of the AEAD cipher with IV generator.
- In case of GCM, the SEQIV implementation is registered as GIVCIPHER
- in crypto_rfc4106_alloc().
- The SEQIV performs its operation to generate an IV where the core
- function is seqiv_geniv().
+ The SEQIV generates the IV.
2. Now, SEQIV uses the AEAD API function calls to invoke the associated
AEAD cipher. In our case, during the instantiation of SEQIV, the
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Arm TrustZone CryptoCell cryptographic engine
Required properties:
-- compatible: Should be one of: "arm,cryptocell-712-ree",
- "arm,cryptocell-710-ree" or "arm,cryptocell-630p-ree".
+- compatible: Should be one of -
+ "arm,cryptocell-713-ree"
+ "arm,cryptocell-703-ree"
+ "arm,cryptocell-712-ree"
+ "arm,cryptocell-710-ree"
+ "arm,cryptocell-630p-ree"
- reg: Base physical address of the engine and length of memory mapped region.
- interrupts: Interrupt number for the device.
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@@ -6,6 +6,8 @@ Required properties:
- interrupts : Should contain MXS DCP interrupt numbers, VMI IRQ and DCP IRQ
must be supplied, optionally Secure IRQ can be present, but
is currently not implemented and not used.
+- clocks : Clock reference (only required on some SOCs: 6ull and 6sll).
+- clock-names : Must be "dcp".