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@@ -1890,6 +1890,32 @@ config PM
bool "Power Management support (EXPERIMENTAL)"
depends on EXPERIMENTAL && SOC_AU1X00
+config APM
+ tristate "Advanced Power Management Emulation"
+ depends on PM
+ ---help---
+ APM is a BIOS specification for saving power using several different
+ techniques. This is mostly useful for battery powered systems with
+ APM compliant BIOSes. If you say Y here, the system time will be
+ reset after a RESUME operation, the /proc/apm device will provide
+ battery status information, and user-space programs will receive
+ notification of APM "events" (e.g. battery status change).
+ In order to use APM, you will need supporting software. For location
+ and more information, read <file:Documentation/pm.txt> and the
+ Battery Powered Linux mini-HOWTO, available from
+ <http://www.tldp.org/docs.html#howto>.
+ This driver does not spin down disk drives (see the hdparm(8)
+ manpage ("man 8 hdparm") for that), and it doesn't turn off
+ VESA-compliant "green" monitors.
+ Generally, if you don't have a battery in your machine, there isn't
+ much point in using this driver and you should say N. If you get
+ random kernel OOPSes or reboots that don't seem to be related to
+ anything, try disabling/enabling this option (or disabling/enabling
+ APM in your BIOS).
source "net/Kconfig"