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1 files changed, 27 insertions, 12 deletions
diff --git a/scripts/dtc/dtc.h b/scripts/dtc/dtc.h
index 56212c8df660..c6f125c68ba8 100644
--- a/scripts/dtc/dtc.h
+++ b/scripts/dtc/dtc.h
@@ -53,7 +53,11 @@ extern int quiet; /* Level of quietness */
extern int reservenum; /* Number of memory reservation slots */
extern int minsize; /* Minimum blob size */
extern int padsize; /* Additional padding to blob */
+extern int alignsize; /* Additional padding to blob accroding to the alignsize */
extern int phandle_format; /* Use linux,phandle or phandle properties */
+extern int generate_symbols; /* generate symbols for nodes with labels */
+extern int generate_fixups; /* generate fixups */
+extern int auto_label_aliases; /* auto generate labels -> aliases */
#define PHANDLE_LEGACY 0x1
#define PHANDLE_EPAPR 0x2
@@ -201,6 +205,8 @@ void delete_property(struct property *prop);
void add_child(struct node *parent, struct node *child);
void delete_node_by_name(struct node *parent, char *name);
void delete_node(struct node *node);
+void append_to_property(struct node *node,
+ char *name, const void *data, int len);
const char *get_unitname(struct node *node);
struct property *get_property(struct node *node, const char *propname);
@@ -235,35 +241,44 @@ struct reserve_info *add_reserve_entry(struct reserve_info *list,
struct reserve_info *new);
-struct boot_info {
+struct dt_info {
+ unsigned int dtsflags;
struct reserve_info *reservelist;
- struct node *dt; /* the device tree */
uint32_t boot_cpuid_phys;
+ struct node *dt; /* the device tree */
-struct boot_info *build_boot_info(struct reserve_info *reservelist,
- struct node *tree, uint32_t boot_cpuid_phys);
-void sort_tree(struct boot_info *bi);
+/* DTS version flags definitions */
+#define DTSF_V1 0x0001 /* /dts-v1/ */
+#define DTSF_PLUGIN 0x0002 /* /plugin/ */
+struct dt_info *build_dt_info(unsigned int dtsflags,
+ struct reserve_info *reservelist,
+ struct node *tree, uint32_t boot_cpuid_phys);
+void sort_tree(struct dt_info *dti);
+void generate_label_tree(struct dt_info *dti, char *name, bool allocph);
+void generate_fixups_tree(struct dt_info *dti, char *name);
+void generate_local_fixups_tree(struct dt_info *dti, char *name);
/* Checks */
void parse_checks_option(bool warn, bool error, const char *arg);
-void process_checks(bool force, struct boot_info *bi);
+void process_checks(bool force, struct dt_info *dti);
/* Flattened trees */
-void dt_to_blob(FILE *f, struct boot_info *bi, int version);
-void dt_to_asm(FILE *f, struct boot_info *bi, int version);
+void dt_to_blob(FILE *f, struct dt_info *dti, int version);
+void dt_to_asm(FILE *f, struct dt_info *dti, int version);
-struct boot_info *dt_from_blob(const char *fname);
+struct dt_info *dt_from_blob(const char *fname);
/* Tree source */
-void dt_to_source(FILE *f, struct boot_info *bi);
-struct boot_info *dt_from_source(const char *f);
+void dt_to_source(FILE *f, struct dt_info *dti);
+struct dt_info *dt_from_source(const char *f);
/* FS trees */
-struct boot_info *dt_from_fs(const char *dirname);
+struct dt_info *dt_from_fs(const char *dirname);
#endif /* _DTC_H */