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2019-02-01ARM: 8822/1: smp_twd: Remove legacy TWD registrationGeert Uytterhoeven1-16/+0
2017-11-02License cleanup: add SPDX GPL-2.0 license identifier to files with no licenseGreg Kroah-Hartman1-0/+1
2013-03-11ARM: smp_twd: convert to use CLKSRC_OF initRob Herring1-8/+0
2012-03-13ARM: smp_twd: remove old local timer interfaceMarc Zyngier1-6/+0
2012-03-13ARM: smp_twd: add device tree supportMarc Zyngier1-0/+8
2012-03-13ARM: smp_twd: add runtime registration supportMarc Zyngier1-1/+17
2012-03-13ARM: smp_twd: make local_timer_stop a symbol instead of a #defineMarc Zyngier1-1/+0
2011-10-23ARM: gic, local timers: use the request_percpu_irq() interfaceMarc Zyngier1-1/+1
2010-12-20ARM: localtimer: clean up local timer on hot unplugRussell King1-1/+0
2010-05-12ARM: 6125/1: ARM TWD: move TWD registers to common headerSrinidhi Kasagar1-0/+17
2009-05-17[ARM] smp: allow re-use of realview localtimer TWD supportRussell King1-0/+12