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2019-05-21treewide: Add SPDX license identifier - Makefile/KconfigThomas Gleixner1-0/+1
2019-05-07Merge tag 'char-misc-5.2-rc1-part2' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/char-miscLinus Torvalds1-0/+1
2019-05-06*: convert stream-like files from nonseekable_open -> stream_openKirill Smelkov1-1/+1
2019-04-04gnss: ubx: add u-blox,neo-6m compatibleOndrej Jirman1-0/+1
2019-02-15gnss: add driver for mediatek receiversLoys Ollivier3-0/+168
2019-02-15gnss: add mtk receiver type supportLoys Ollivier1-0/+1
2019-01-25gnss: sirf: add a separate supply for a lnaAndreas Kemnade1-6/+52
2019-01-25gnss: sirf: add support for configurations without wakeup signalAndreas Kemnade1-27/+102
2019-01-25gnss: sirf: write data to gnss only when the gnss device is openAndreas Kemnade1-2/+30
2019-01-25gnss: sirf: drop redundant double negationJohan Hovold1-1/+1
2019-01-25gnss: sirf: force hibernate mode on probeJohan Hovold1-0/+17
2019-01-25gnss: sirf: fix premature wakeup interrupt enableJohan Hovold1-15/+17
2018-12-10Merge 4.20-rc6 into tty-nextGreg Kroah-Hartman1-3/+3
2018-12-06gnss: sirf: fix activation retry handlingJohan Hovold1-3/+3
2018-11-27serdev: make synchronous write return bytes writtenJohan Hovold2-2/+2
2018-11-14gnss: sirf: fix synchronous write timeoutJohan Hovold1-1/+2
2018-11-14gnss: serial: fix synchronous write timeoutJohan Hovold1-1/+2
2018-07-16gnss: fix potential error pointer dereferenceDan Carpenter1-2/+2
2018-07-16gnss: ubx: make struct ubx_gserial_ops staticColin Ian King1-1/+1
2018-06-28gnss: add receiver type supportJohan Hovold3-0/+52
2018-06-28gnss: add driver for sirfstar-based receiversJohan Hovold3-0/+422
2018-06-28gnss: add driver for u-blox receiversJohan Hovold3-0/+167
2018-06-28gnss: add generic serial driverJohan Hovold4-0/+332
2018-06-28gnss: add GNSS receiver subsystemJohan Hovold3-0/+389