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2011-08-12skge/sky2/mv643xx/pxa168: Move the Marvell Ethernet driversJeff Kirsher10-0/+19076
2011-08-12pch_gbe: Move the OKI Semiconductor driverJeff Kirsher14-0/+4843
2011-08-12seeq: Move the SEEQ driversJeff Kirsher10-0/+3017
2011-08-12ioc3-eth/meth: Move the SGI driversJeff Kirsher7-0/+2824
2011-08-12ewrk3/tulip: Move the DEC - Tulip driversJeff Kirsher24-0/+23629
2011-08-11spider_net: fix compile issue introduced by driver moveJeff Kirsher2-1/+3
2011-08-11atl*: Move the Atheros driversJeff Kirsher24-0/+19442
2011-08-11de6*/dl2k/sundance: Move the D-Link driversJeff Kirsher11-0/+6215
2011-08-118139*/atp/r8169/sc92031: Move the Realtek driversJeff Kirsher10-0/+13461
2011-08-11ftgmac100/ftmac100: Move the Faraday driversJeff Kirsher8-0/+3035
2011-08-11xscale: Move the Intel XScale IXP driversJeff Kirsher21-0/+4068
2011-08-11*sonic/natsemi/ns83829: Move the National Semi-conductor driversJeff Kirsher14-4/+9633
2011-08-11bmac/mace/macmace/mac89x0/cs89x0: Move the Macintosh (Apple) driversJeff Kirsher12-0/+6971
2011-08-11stmmac: Move the STMicroelectronics driverJeff Kirsher24-0/+5274
2011-08-11tehuti: Move the Tehuti driverJeff Kirsher6-0/+3064
2011-08-11pasemic_mac*: Move the PA Semi driverJeff Kirsher7-0/+2322
2011-08-11bna: Driver Version changed to Mody1-1/+1
2011-08-11bna: Remove Obsolete FilesRasesh Mody5-9194/+0
2011-08-11bna: Remove Unused CodeRasesh Mody6-388/+2
2011-08-11bna: ENET and Tx Rx Redesign EnablementRasesh Mody13-743/+1337
2011-08-11bna: Add New HW DefsRasesh Mody1-0/+413
2011-08-11bna: Tx and Rx RedesignRasesh Mody1-0/+3787
2011-08-11bna: Introduce ENET as New Driver and FW InterfaceRasesh Mody2-0/+3030
2011-08-11bna: MSGQ ImplementationRasesh Mody7-9/+918
2011-08-11enic: Move the Cisco driverJeff Kirsher36-0/+7499
2011-08-11ehea/ibm*: Move the IBM driversJeff Kirsher33-0/+18125
2011-08-11s2io/vxge: Move the Exar driversJeff Kirsher18-0/+34152
2011-08-11myri*: Move the Myricom driversJeff Kirsher8-0/+4789
2011-08-11mlx4: Move the Mellanox driverJeff Kirsher38-0/+15252
2011-08-11bna: Move the Brocade driverJeff Kirsher30-0/+21187
2011-08-11be2net: Move the Emulex driverJeff Kirsher12-0/+9297
2011-08-11sfc: Move the Solarflare driversJeff Kirsher39-0/+25573
2011-08-11cassini/niu/sun*: Move the Sun driversJeff Kirsher20-0/+35552
2011-08-11ni5010: Move the Racal-Interlan (Micom) driverJeff Kirsher6-0/+954
2011-08-10i825xx: Move the Intel 82586/82593/82596 based driversJeff Kirsher26-0/+20530
2011-08-10smsc: Move the SMC (SMSC) driversJeff Kirsher17-17/+17249
2011-08-10qlogic: Move the QLogic driversJeff Kirsher29-0/+41038
2011-08-10intel: Move the Intel wired LAN driversJeff Kirsher98-0/+110858
2011-08-10chelsio: Move the Chelsio driversJeff Kirsher71-0/+57506
2011-08-10broadcom: Move the Broadcom driversJeff Kirsher39-0/+115754
2011-08-108390: Move the 8390 related driversJeff Kirsher34-0/+19133
2011-08-10amd: Move AMD (Lance) chipset driversJeff Kirsher30-0/+23471
2011-08-103c*/acenic/typhoon: Move 3Com Ethernet driversJeff Kirsher15-0/+16972
2011-08-10drivers/net/ethernet: Add ethernet dir and config optionJeff Kirsher2-0/+17