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2019-10-28scsi: zfcp: move maximum age of diagnostic buffers into a per-adapter variableBenjamin Block1-11/+12
2019-10-28scsi: zfcp: implicitly refresh config-data diagnostics when reading sysfsBenjamin Block1-0/+30
2019-10-28scsi: zfcp: implicitly refresh port-data diagnostics when reading sysfsBenjamin Block1-0/+129
2019-10-28scsi: zfcp: introduce sysfs interface for diagnostics of local SFP transceiverBenjamin Block1-0/+42
2019-10-28scsi: zfcp: add diagnostics buffer for exchange config dataBenjamin Block1-2/+12
2019-10-28scsi: zfcp: diagnostics buffer caching and use for exchange port dataBenjamin Block1-0/+93