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2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: only make /sys/class/usb show up when there is something in itGreg Kroah-Hartman1-16/+54
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: convert usb class devices to real devicesGreg Kroah-Hartman1-7/+6
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: move usb_device_class class devices to be real devicesGreg Kroah-Hartman1-10/+10
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: make endpoints real struct devicesGreg Kroah-Hartman1-88/+150
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: make usb_create_ep_files take a struct deviceGreg Kroah-Hartman3-5/+5
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: move the endpoint specific sysfs code to it's own fileGreg Kroah-Hartman4-198/+218
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: move <linux/usb_input.h> to <linux/usb/input.h>David Brownell20-56/+20
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: move hardware-specific <linux/usb_*.h> to <linux/usb/*.h>David Brownell3-3/+3
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: move <linux/usb_cdc.h> to <linux/usb/cdc.h>David Brownell6-6/+6
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: whitespace removal from usb/gadget/etherDavid Brownell3-250/+251
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: unusual_devs entry for Nokia N80Alan Stern1-0/+8
2006-06-21[PATCH] usbserial: Fixes wrong return values.Luiz Fernando N. Capitulino1-8/+6
2006-06-21[PATCH] usb gadget: update pxa2xx_udc.c driver to fully support IXP4xx platformMilan Svoboda1-1/+6
2006-06-21[PATCH] usb gadget: fix compile errorsMilan Svoboda1-0/+4
2006-06-21[PATCH] usb gadget: allow drivers support speeds higher than full speedMilan Svoboda1-1/+1
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: gadget-serial: do not save/restore IRQ flags in gs_close()Franck Bui-Huu1-10/+8
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: gadget-serial: fix a deadlock when closing the serial deviceFranck Bui-Huu1-78/+17
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB Serial: clean tty fields on failed device openFrank Gevaerts1-0/+2
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: trivial DEBUG message correction in gadget ether driverMatt Reimer1-1/+1
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: new driver for Cypress CY7C63xxx mirco controllersOliver Bock4-0/+260
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: implement error event in usbmonPete Zaitcev3-4/+44
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: update usbmon, fix glued linesPete Zaitcev5-7/+15
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: io_edgeport touch-upPete Zaitcev1-3/+3
2006-06-21[PATCH] airprime.c: add Kyocera Wireless KPC650/Passport supportTimothy Sipples1-0/+1
2006-06-21[PATCH] UHCI: Improve FSBR-off timingAlan Stern3-25/+59
2006-06-21[PATCH] UHCI: remove hc_inaccessible flagAlan Stern3-26/+29
2006-06-21[PATCH] UHCI: various updatesDavid Brownell2-17/+22
2006-06-21[PATCH] usb-storage: unusual_devs entry for Nikon DSC D70sAlan Stern1-6/+13
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: Add Apple MacBook product IDs to usbhidRene Rebe1-0/+3
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: EHCI on non-Au1200 build fixRalf Baechle2-5/+1
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: free allocated memory on io_edgeport startup memory failureChris Lund1-1/+5
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: new devices for the Option driverMatthias Urlichs2-34/+118
2006-06-21[PATCH] usb: drivers/usb/core/devio.c dereferences a userspace pointerPhilippe Retornaz1-2/+6
2006-06-21[PATCH] usbcore: recovery from Set-Configuration failureAlan Stern1-76/+75
2006-06-21[PATCH] usbhid: use usb_reset_composite_deviceAlan Stern1-5/+32
2006-06-21[PATCH] usb-storage: use usb_reset_composite_deviceAlan Stern3-28/+59
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB hub: use usb_reset_composite_deviceAlan Stern1-19/+15
2006-06-21[PATCH] usbcore: port reset for composite devicesAlan Stern3-5/+83
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: cdc_ether: recognize olympus r1000 (fix regression)David Brownell1-0/+12
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: negative index in drivers/usb/host/isp116x-hcd.cEric Sesterhenn1-1/+1
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: Add Sierra Wireless MC5720 ID to airprime.cJeremy Fitzhardinge1-0/+1
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: Whiteheat: fix firmware spurious errorsStuart MacDonald1-2/+2
2006-06-21[PATCH] Driver for Apple Cinema Displayakpm@osdl.org4-0/+394
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: ftdi_sio: add support for Yost Engineering ServoCenter3.1Ian Abbott2-0/+7
2006-06-21[PATCH] usbhid: Remove unneeded blacklist entriesAlan Stern1-28/+0
2006-06-21[PATCH] usbcore: Fix broken RNDIS config selectionGiridhar Pemmasani1-1/+1
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: print message when device is rejected due to insufficient powerDaniel Drake1-1/+9
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: more pegasus log spamming removedDavid Brownell1-3/+26
2006-06-21[PATCH] ub: random cleanupsPete Zaitcev1-48/+12
2006-06-21[PATCH] ub: atomic add_diskPete Zaitcev1-7/+3