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2011-08-17net: remove use of ndo_set_multicast_list in driversJiri Pirko241-258/+249
2011-08-17net: introduce IFF_UNICAST_FLT private flagJiri Pirko14-6/+42
2011-08-17bonding: use ndo_change_rx_flags callbackJiri Pirko2-31/+14
2011-08-17Merge branch 'can/mscan' of git://git.pengutronix.de/git/mkl/linux-2.6David S. Miller1-13/+13
2011-08-17bnx2x: Use pr_fmt and message logging cleanupsJoe Perches7-82/+87
2011-08-17bnx2x: Coalesce pr_cont uses and fix DP typosJoe Perches6-123/+134
2011-08-17bnx2x: Remove local defines for %pM and mac addressJoe Perches3-36/+23
2011-08-16net: Fix sungem_phy sharing.David S. Miller7-8/+11
2011-08-15sungem: sungem_phy.h movedStephen Rothwell1-1/+1
2011-08-15net/can/mscan: add __iomem annotationsMarc Kleine-Budde1-13/+13
2011-08-14net: Move sungem_phy.h under include/linuxDavid S. Miller3-134/+2
2011-08-13qeth: add support for af_iucv HiperSockets transportFrank Blaschka6-61/+391
2011-08-13qeth: exploit asynchronous delivery of storage blocksEinar Lueck2-43/+480
2011-08-13qeth: support forced signal adapter indicationsEinar Lueck1-1/+2
2011-08-13qdio: support forced signal adapter indicationsfrank.blaschka@de.ibm.com2-13/+1
2011-08-13qdio: support asynchronous delivery of storage blocksfrank.blaschka@de.ibm.com6-77/+359
2011-08-13qeth: do not apply priority queuing to HiperSocketsUrsula Braun1-19/+21
2011-08-13qeth: l3 ipv6 vlan not working on shared OSA chpidFrank Blaschka1-1/+0
2011-08-13drivers/net: Kconfig and Makefile cleanupJeff Kirsher4-2043/+6
2011-08-13acenic: Move the Alteon driverJeff Kirsher8-28/+54
2011-08-12tile: Move the Tilera driverJeff Kirsher7-14/+17
2011-08-12xircom: Move the Xircom driverJeff Kirsher7-10/+37
2011-08-12sh_eth: Move the Renesas SuperH driverJeff Kirsher8-16/+25
2011-08-12netx: Move the netx driverJeff Kirsher5-11/+12
2011-08-12dm9000: Move the Davicom driverJeff Kirsher8-29/+38
2011-08-12enc28j60: Move the Microchip driverJeff Kirsher8-18/+44
2011-08-12greth: Move the Aeroflex Gaisler driverJeff Kirsher8-9/+18
2011-08-12ethoc: Move the Avionic driverJeff Kirsher5-11/+12
2011-08-12dnet: Move the Dave Ethernet driverJeff Kirsher6-12/+13
2011-08-12hp100: Move the HP driverJeff Kirsher8-12/+38
2011-08-12starfire: Move the Adaptec driverJeff Kirsher7-15/+41
2011-08-12forcedeth: Move the NVIDIA nForce driverJeff Kirsher7-12/+38
2011-08-12fealnx: Move the Myson driverJeff Kirsher5-10/+11
2011-08-12r6040: Move the RDC driverJeff Kirsher7-14/+40
2011-08-12macb: Move the Atmel driverJeff Kirsher12-37/+52
2011-08-12bfin_mac: Move the Analog Devices Inc driverJeff Kirsher8-47/+75
2011-08-12lantiq: Move the Lantiq SoC driverJeff Kirsher5-7/+7
2011-08-12mipsnet: Move the MIPS driverJeff Kirsher5-9/+10
2011-08-12korina: Move the IDT driverJeff Kirsher5-8/+8
2011-08-12ipg: Move the IC Plus driverJeff Kirsher8-11/+20
2011-08-12xilinx/ll_temac: Move the Xilinx driversJeff Kirsher10-19/+44
2011-08-12jme: Move the JME driverJeff Kirsher6-13/+14
2011-08-12octeon: Move the Cavium driverJeff Kirsher8-6/+12
2011-08-12hamachi/yellowfin: Move the packet engine driversJeff Kirsher8-28/+54
2011-08-12davinci*/tlan/cpmac: Move the Texas Instruments (TI) driversJeff Kirsher13-63/+87
2011-08-12s6gmac: Move the s6gmac driversJeff Kirsher5-12/+13
2011-08-12tsi108*: Move the Tundra driverJeff Kirsher8-9/+35
2011-08-12nuvoton: Move the Nuvoton driverJeff Kirsher7-10/+36
2011-08-12cirrus: Move the Cirrus network driverJeff Kirsher7-9/+35
2011-08-12sis*: Move the Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) driversJeff Kirsher9-32/+58