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2005-11-01Export __pagevec_release and pagevec_lookup_tagSteve French1-0/+3
2005-10-30[PATCH] Error checks omitted in init_tmpfs() in mm/tiny-shmem.cMatt Mackall1-1/+4
2005-10-30[PATCH] RCU torture-testing kernel modulePaul E. McKenney1-1/+1
2005-10-30[PATCH] vm: remove redundant assignment from __pagevec_release_nonlru()Tejun Heo1-1/+0
2005-10-30[PATCH] fs: error case fix in __generic_file_aio_readTejun Heo1-2/+2
2005-10-30[PATCH] cpusets: automatic numa mempolicy rebindingPaul Jackson1-0/+64
2005-10-30[PATCH] cpusets: confine pdflush to its cpusetPaul Jackson1-0/+13
2005-10-30[PATCH] ext3: Fix unmapped buffers in transaction's listsJan Kara1-10/+1
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm/filemap.c:filemap_populate(): move export.Nikita Danilov1-1/+1
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: wider use of for_each_*cpu()John Hawkes1-4/+1
2005-10-29[PATCH] Remove policy contextualization from mbindChristoph Lameter1-1/+1
2005-10-29[PATCH] Implement sys_* do_* layering in the memory policy layer.Christoph Lameter1-114/+162
2005-10-29[PATCH] memory hotplug: call setup_per_zone_pages_min after hotplugDave Hansen1-0/+2
2005-10-29[PATCH] memory hotplug: move section_mem_map alloc to sparse.cDave Hansen2-50/+72
2005-10-29[PATCH] memory hotplug: sysfs and add/remove functionsDave Hansen4-3/+189
2005-10-29[PATCH] memory hotplug locking: zone span seqlockDave Hansen1-5/+14
2005-10-29[PATCH] memory hotplug locking: node_size_lockDave Hansen1-0/+1
2005-10-29[PATCH] memory hotplug prep: fixup bad_range()Dave Hansen1-5/+21
2005-10-29[PATCH] memory hotplug prep: __section_nr helperDave Hansen1-0/+25
2005-10-29[PATCH] memory hotplug prep: break out zone initializationDave Hansen1-40/+58
2005-10-29[PATCH] .text page fault SMP scalability optimizationAndrea Arcangeli1-4/+16
2005-10-29[PATCH] hugetlb: demand fault handlerAdam Litke1-85/+95
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: update comments to pte lockHugh Dickins3-10/+9
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: fix rss and mmlist lockingHugh Dickins2-2/+5
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: split page table lockHugh Dickins12-48/+74
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: follow_page with inner ptlockHugh Dickins2-82/+73
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: kill check_user_page_readableHugh Dickins1-25/+4
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: rmap with inner ptlockHugh Dickins2-63/+58
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: xip_unmap ZERO_PAGE fixHugh Dickins1-1/+2
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: unmap_vmas with inner ptlockHugh Dickins3-44/+17
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: unlink vma before pagetablesHugh Dickins2-19/+16
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: pte_offset_map_lock loopsHugh Dickins4-34/+21
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: page fault handler lockingHugh Dickins1-60/+90
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: ptd_alloc take ptlockHugh Dickins4-124/+67
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: ptd_alloc inline and outHugh Dickins2-62/+40
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: init_mm without ptlockHugh Dickins2-36/+28
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: ia64 use expand_upwardsHugh Dickins1-3/+14
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: update_hiwaters just in timeHugh Dickins7-32/+29
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: zap_pte out of lineHugh Dickins1-10/+9
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: do_mremap current mmHugh Dickins1-9/+9
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: do_swap_page race majorHugh Dickins1-3/+1
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: zap_pte_range dec rssHugh Dickins1-3/+3
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: copy_one_pte inc rssHugh Dickins1-10/+5
2005-10-29[PATCH] core remove PageReservedNick Piggin13-104/+165
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: batch updating mm_countersHugh Dickins1-15/+32
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: rss = file_rss + anon_rssHugh Dickins6-26/+27
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: tlb_finish_mmu forget rssHugh Dickins1-1/+1
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: tlb_is_full_mm was obscureHugh Dickins1-2/+2
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: move_page_tables by extentsHugh Dickins1-96/+72
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: page fault handlers tidyupHugh Dickins3-125/+99