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2020-03-08gre: fix uninit-value in __iptunnel_pull_headerEric Dumazet1-2/+10
2019-12-07gre: refetch erspan header from skb->data after pskb_may_pull()Cong Wang1-1/+1
2019-07-05net: remove unused parameter from skb_checksum_try_convertLi RongQing1-1/+1
2019-05-30treewide: Replace GPLv2 boilerplate/reference with SPDX - rule 152Thomas Gleixner1-6/+1
2019-01-22net: ip_gre: use erspan key field for tunnel lookupLorenzo Bianconi1-0/+17
2018-11-08net: Convert protocol error handlers from void to intStefano Brivio1-2/+7
2018-09-16ip_gre: fix parsing gre header in ipgre_errHaishuang Yan1-3/+4
2016-06-30Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/netDavid S. Miller1-5/+5
2016-06-18gre: better support for ICMP messages for gre+ipv6Eric Dumazet1-0/+1
2016-06-15gre: fix error handlerEric Dumazet1-5/+5
2016-05-12gre: Fix wrong tpi->proto in WCCPHaishuang Yan1-3/+3
2016-05-04gre: remove superfluous pskb_may_pullJiri Benc1-4/+1
2016-05-04gre: change gre_parse_header to return the header lengthJiri Benc1-3/+3
2016-05-02gre: Move utility functions to common headersTom Herbert1-0/+64
2015-08-10gre: Remove support for sharing GRE protocol hook.Pravin B Shelar1-200/+1
2015-08-10openvswitch: Use regular GRE net_device instead of vportPravin B Shelar1-34/+0
2014-09-08net: Fix GRE RX to use skb_transport_header for GRE header offsetTom Herbert1-3/+2
2014-09-01gre: Add support for checksum unnecessary conversionsTom Herbert1-0/+4
2014-08-29net: Clarification of CHECKSUM_UNNECESSARYTom Herbert1-1/+0
2014-08-24gre: When GRE csum is present count as encap layer wrt csumTom Herbert1-0/+1
2014-07-11GRE: enable offloads for GREAmritha Nambiar1-0/+1
2014-06-04gre: Call gso_make_checksumTom Herbert1-1/+2
2014-05-08gre: Call skb_checksum_simple_validateTom Herbert1-23/+1
2014-03-26ip_tunnel: Fix dst ref-count.Pravin B Shelar1-0/+8
2014-01-06gre_offload: statically build GRE offloading supportEric Dumazet1-9/+0
2013-10-19ipv4: generalize gre_handle_offloadsEric Dumazet1-29/+0
2013-07-03net: gre: move GSO functions to gre_offloadDaniel Borkmann1-0/+414