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2019-05-30treewide: Replace GPLv2 boilerplate/reference with SPDX - rule 152Thomas Gleixner1-5/+1
2018-12-15net: use indirect call wrappers at GRO transport layerPaolo Abeni1-2/+4
2018-07-16tcp: Don't coalesce decrypted and encrypted SKBsBoris Pismenny1-0/+3
2018-06-26net: Convert GRO SKB handling to list_head.David Miller1-7/+7
2018-06-11tcp: Do not reload skb pointer after skb_gro_receive().David Miller1-2/+0
2018-01-22gso: validate gso_type in GSO handlersWillem de Bruijn1-0/+3
2017-11-10tcp: gso: avoid refcount_t warning from tcp_gso_segment()Eric Dumazet1-2/+10
2017-07-01net: convert sock.sk_wmem_alloc from atomic_t to refcount_tReshetova, Elena1-1/+1
2016-09-19gso: Support partial splitting at the frag_list pointerSteffen Klassert1-6/+7
2016-05-20gso: Remove arbitrary checks for unsupported GSOTom Herbert1-19/+0
2016-04-14GSO: Support partial segmentation offloadAlexander Duyck1-2/+8
2016-04-14GRO: Add support for TCP with fixed IPv4 ID field, limit tunnel IP ID valuesAlexander Duyck1-1/+15
2016-04-14GSO: Add GSO type for fixed IPv4 IDAlexander Duyck1-1/+3
2016-02-11net: Store checksum result for offloaded GSO checksumsAlexander Duyck1-2/+6
2015-06-11tcp: reserve tcp_skb_mss() to tcp stackEric Dumazet1-2/+2
2015-02-28tcp: cleanup static functionsEric Dumazet1-2/+2
2014-11-05net: Remove MPLS GSO feature.Pravin B Shelar1-1/+0
2014-11-05udp: Changes to udp_offload to support remote checksum offloadTom Herbert1-0/+1
2014-09-26net: Remove gso_send_check as an offload callbackTom Herbert1-6/+0
2014-09-26tcp: move logic out of tcp_v[64]_gso_send_checkTom Herbert1-16/+23
2014-08-24tcp: Call skb_gro_checksum_validateTom Herbert1-24/+3
2014-08-06net-timestamp: cumulative tcp timestamping fixesWillem de Bruijn1-4/+4
2014-08-05net-timestamp: TCP timestampingWillem de Bruijn1-0/+18
2014-07-16net-gre-gro: Fix a bug that breaks the forwarding pathJerry Chu1-1/+1
2014-06-04gre: Call gso_make_checksumTom Herbert1-0/+1
2014-06-04net: Add GSO support for UDP tunnels with checksumTom Herbert1-0/+1
2014-06-04tcp: Call gso_make_checksumTom Herbert1-5/+2
2014-01-14tcp: do not export tcp_gso_segment() and tcp_gro_receive()Eric Dumazet1-2/+0
2014-01-07net-gre-gro: Add GRE support to the GRO stackJerry Chu1-3/+4
2013-12-12net-gro: Prepare GRO stack for the upcoming tunneling supportJerry Chu1-4/+5
2013-11-23gro: Clean up tcpX_gro_receive checksum verificationHerbert Xu1-16/+10
2013-11-23gro: Only verify TCP checksums for candidatesHerbert Xu1-0/+5
2013-11-04Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/netDavid S. Miller1-8/+5
2013-10-29tcp: gso: fix truesize trackingEric Dumazet1-8/+5
2013-10-21ipv6: sit: add GSO/TSO supportEric Dumazet1-0/+1
2013-10-19ipip: add GSO/TSO supportEric Dumazet1-0/+1
2013-10-18tcp: rename tcp_tso_segment()Eric Dumazet1-3/+3
2013-06-07net: tcp: move GRO/GSO functions to tcp_offloadDaniel Borkmann1-0/+332