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2022-10-04vfio/mdev: add mdev available instance checking to the coreJason Gunthorpe1-18/+4
2022-10-04vfio/mdev: consolidate all the description sysfs into the core codeChristoph Hellwig2-18/+4
2022-10-04vfio/mdev: consolidate all the available_instance sysfs into the core codeChristoph Hellwig3-26/+9
2022-10-04vfio/mdev: consolidate all the name sysfs into the core codeChristoph Hellwig3-46/+13
2022-10-04vfio/mdev: consolidate all the device_api sysfs into the core codeJason Gunthorpe3-25/+3
2022-10-04vfio/mdev: simplify mdev_type handlingChristoph Hellwig3-95/+72
2022-10-04vfio/mdev: embedd struct mdev_parent in the parent data structureChristoph Hellwig3-6/+10
2022-10-04vfio/mdev: make mdev.h standalone includableChristoph Hellwig3-4/+0
2022-09-30samples/bpf: Fix typo in xdp_router_ipv4 sampleDeming Wang1-1/+1
2022-09-29samples/landlock: Print hints about ABI versionsMickaël Salaün1-8/+29
2022-09-29tracing/user_events: Use bits vs bytes for enabled status page dataBeau Belgrave1-7/+18
2022-09-28samples: add first Rust examplesMiguel Ojeda10-0/+108
2022-09-21vfio/mbochs: Use the new device life cycle helpersYi Liu1-27/+46
2022-09-21vfio/mtty: Use the new device life cycle helpersYi Liu1-28/+39
2022-09-21vfio/mdpy: Use the new device life cycle helpersYi Liu1-34/+47
2022-09-20samples/bpf: Replace blk_account_io_done() with __blk_account_io_done()Rong Tao3-3/+3
2022-09-05samples/bpf: Reduce syscall overhead in map_perf_test.Alexei Starovoitov2-17/+29
2022-08-29soc: qcom: qmi: use const for struct qmi_elem_infoJeff Johnson1-5/+5
2022-07-24tracing: Add example and documentation for new __vstring() macroSteven Rostedt (Google)2-6/+40
2022-07-15samples: bpf: Fix cross-compiling error by using bootstrap bpftoolPu Lehui1-6/+4
2022-07-13samples: bpf: Replace sizeof(arr)/sizeof(arr[0]) with ARRAY_SIZELinkui Xiao6-6/+12
2022-07-12samples: Use KSYM_NAME_LEN for kprobesTiezhu Yang2-6/+4
2022-07-12fprobe/samples: Make sample_probe staticsunliming1-1/+1
2022-07-11samples/bpf: Fix xdp_redirect_map egress devmap progJesper Dangaard Brouer2-2/+13
2022-07-05bpf, samples: Remove AF_XDP samplesMagnus Karlsson6-3346/+0
2022-06-24fprobe, samples: Add module parameter descriptionsMasami Hiramatsu (Google)1-0/+7
2022-06-21samples/bpf: fixup some tools to be able to support xdp multibufferAndy Gospodarek3-7/+17
2022-06-17fprobe, samples: Add use_trace option and show hit/missed counterMasami Hiramatsu (Google)1-4/+25
2022-06-15samples/bpf: Check detach prog exist or not in xdp_fwdZhengchao Shao1-6/+49
2022-06-10treewide: Replace GPLv2 boilerplate/reference with SPDX - gpl-2.0_168.RULE (part 2)Thomas Gleixner1-13/+1
2022-06-02sample: bpf: xdp_router_ipv4: Allow the kernel to send arp requestsLorenzo Bianconi1-0/+9
2022-05-23samples/landlock: Add support for file reparentingMickaël Salaün1-13/+27
2022-05-23samples/landlock: Format with clang-formatMickaël Salaün1-44/+52
2022-05-23samples/landlock: Add clang-format exceptionsMickaël Salaün1-0/+8
2022-05-12sched/tracing: Append prev_state to tp args insteadDelyan Kratunov1-3/+3
2022-05-09samples: bpf: Don't fail for a missing VMLINUX_BTF when VMLINUX_H is providedJerome Marchand1-5/+4
2022-04-27samples/bpf: Detach xdp prog when program exits unexpectedly in xdp_rxq_info_userZhengchao Shao1-6/+16
2022-04-21vfio/mdev: Remove mdev_parent_opsJason Gunthorpe3-21/+6
2022-04-21vfio/mdev: Remove mdev_parent_ops dev_attr_groupsJason Gunthorpe1-29/+1
2022-04-20samples/bpf: Reduce the sampling interval in xdp1_userZhengchao Shao1-1/+1
2022-04-10samples/bpf: Use libbpf 1.0 API mode instead of RLIMIT_MEMLOCKYafang Shao31-42/+7
2022-04-08samples, bpf: Move routes monitor in xdp_router_ipv4 in a dedicated threadLorenzo Bianconi2-33/+55
2022-04-04samples: bpf: Fix linking xdp_router_ipv4 after migrationAlexander Lobakin1-0/+1
2022-04-04sample: bpf: syscall_tp_user: Print result of verify_mapSong Chen1-0/+3
2022-04-03samples: bpf: Convert xdp_router_ipv4 to XDP samples helperLorenzo Bianconi4-459/+381
2022-03-23livepatch: Reorder to use before freeing a pointerTom Rix2-2/+2
2022-03-18samples/kobject: Use sysfs_emit instead of sprintfNguyen Dinh Phi2-4/+4
2022-03-17fprobe: Add sample program for fprobeMasami Hiramatsu4-0/+131
2022-03-15samples/bpf, xdpsock: Fix race when running for fix duration of timeNiklas Söderlund1-3/+3
2022-03-15x86/ibt,ftrace: Add ENDBR to samples/ftracePeter Zijlstra5-4/+22