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2021-10-29scripts/dtc: Update to upstream version v1.6.1-19-g0a3a9d3449c8Rob Herring1-1/+1
This adds the following commits from upstream: 0a3a9d3449c8 checks: Add an interrupt-map check 8fd24744e361 checks: Ensure '#interrupt-cells' only exists in interrupt providers d8d1a9a77863 checks: Drop interrupt provider '#address-cells' check 52a16fd72824 checks: Make interrupt_provider check dependent on interrupts_extended_is_cell 37fd700685da treesource: Maintain phandle label/path on output e33ce1d6a8c7 flattree: Use '\n', not ';' to separate asm pseudo-ops d24cc189dca6 asm: Use assembler macros instead of cpp macros ff3a30c115ad asm: Use .asciz and .ascii instead of .string 5eb5927d81ee fdtdump: fix -Werror=int-to-pointer-cast 0869f8269161 libfdt: Add ALIGNMENT error string 69595a167f06 checks: Fix bus-range check 72d09e2682a4 Makefile: add -Wsign-compare to warning options b587787ef388 checks: Fix signedness comparisons warnings 69bed6c2418f dtc: Wrap phandle validity check 910221185560 fdtget: Fix signedness comparisons warnings d966f08fcd21 tests: Fix signedness comparisons warnings ecfb438c07fa dtc: Fix signedness comparisons warnings: pointer diff 5bec74a6d135 dtc: Fix signedness comparisons warnings: reservednum 24e7f511fd4a fdtdump: Fix signedness comparisons warnings b6910bec1161 Bump version to v1.6.1 21d61d18f968 Fix CID 1461557 4c2ef8f4d14c checks: Introduce is_multiple_of() e59ca36fb70e Make handling of cpp line information more tolerant 0c3fd9b6aceb checks: Drop interrupt_cells_is_cell check 6b3081abc4ac checks: Add check_is_cell() for all phandle+arg properties 2dffc192a77f yamltree: Remove marker ordering dependency 61e513439e40 pylibfdt: Rework "avoid unused variable warning" lines c8bddd106095 tests: add a positive gpio test case ad4abfadb687 checks: replace strstr and strrchr with strends 09c6a6e88718 dtc.h: add strends for suffix matching 9bb9b8d0b4a0 checks: tigthen up nr-gpios prop exception b07b62ee3342 libfdt: Add FDT alignment check to fdt_check_header() a2def5479950 libfdt: Check that the root-node name is empty 4ca61f84dc21 libfdt: Check that there is only one root node 34d708249a91 dtc: Remove -O dtbo support 8e7ff260f755 libfdt: Fix a possible "unchecked return value" warning 88875268c05c checks: Warn on node-name and property name being the same 9d2279e7e6ee checks: Change node-name check to match devicetree spec f527c867a8c6 util: limit gnu_printf format attribute to gcc >= 4.4.0 Reviewed-by: Frank Rowand <frank.rowand@sony.com> Tested-by: Frank Rowand <frank.rowand@sony.com> Signed-off-by: Rob Herring <robh@kernel.org>
2021-02-04scripts/dtc: Update to upstream version v1.6.0-51-g183df9e9c2b9Rob Herring1-1/+1
This adds the following commits from upstream: 183df9e9c2b9 gitignore: Ignore the swp files 0db6d09584e1 gitignore: Add cscope files 307afa1a7be8 Update Jon Loeliger's email ca16a723fa9d fdtdump: Fix gcc11 warning 64990a272e8f srcpos: increase MAX_SRCFILE_DEPTH 163f0469bf2e dtc: Allow overlays to have .dtbo extension 3b01518e688d Set last_comp_version correctly in new dtb and fix potential version issues in fdt_open_into f7e5737f26aa tests: Fix overlay_overlay_nosugar test case 7cd5d5fe43d5 libfdt: Tweak description of assume-aligned load helpers a7c404099349 libfdt: Internally perform potentially unaligned loads bab85e48a6f4 meson: increase default timeout for tests f8b46098824d meson: do not assume python is installed, skip tests 30a56bce4f0b meson: fix -Wall warning 5e735860c478 libfdt: Check for 8-byte address alignment in fdt_ro_probe_() 67849a327927 build-sys: add meson build 05874d08212d pylibfdt: allow build out of tree 3bc3a6b9fe0c dtc: Fix signedness comparisons warnings: Wrap (-1) e1147b159e92 dtc: Fix signedness comparisons warnings: change types 04cf1fdc0fcf convert-dtsv0: Fix signedness comparisons warning b30013edb878 libfdt: Fix kernel-doc comments Signed-off-by: Rob Herring <robh@kernel.org>
2020-10-12scripts/dtc: Update to upstream version v1.6.0-31-gcbca977ea121Rob Herring1-1/+1
This adds the following commits from upstream: cbca977ea121 checks: Allow PCI bridge child nodes without an address 73e0f143b73d libfdt: fdt_strerror(): Fix comparison warning 6c2be7d85315 libfdt: fdt_get_string(): Fix sequential write comparison warnings 82525f41d59e libfdt: libfdt_wip: Fix comparison warning fb1f65f15832 libfdt: fdt_create_with_flags(): Fix comparison warning f28aa271000b libfdt: fdt_move(): Fix comparison warnings 3d7c6f44195a libfdt: fdt_add_string_(): Fix comparison warning 10f682788c30 libfdt: fdt_node_offset_by_phandle(): Fix comparison warning 07158f4cf2a2 libfdt: overlay: Fix comparison warning ce9e1f25a7de libfdt: fdt_resize(): Fix comparison warning faa76fc10bc5 libfdt: fdt_splice_(): Fix comparison warning 54dca0985316 libfdt: fdt_get_string(): Fix comparison warnings f8e11e61624e libfdt: fdt_grab_space_(): Fix comparison warning 0c43d4d7bf5a libfdt: fdt_mem_rsv(): Fix comparison warnings 442ea3dd1579 libfdt: fdt_offset_ptr(): Fix comparison warnings ca19c3db2bf6 Makefile: Specify cflags for libyaml 7bb86f1c0956 libfdt: fix fdt_check_node_offset_ w/ VALID_INPUT 3d522abc7571 dtc: Include stdlib.h in util.h 808cdaaf524f dtc: Avoid UB when shifting 3e3138b4a956 libfdt: fix fdt_check_full buffer overrun Signed-off-by: Rob Herring <robh@kernel.org>
2020-06-30scripts/dtc: Update to upstream version v1.6.0-11-g9d7888cbf19cRob Herring1-1/+1
Sync with upstream dtc primarily to pickup the I2C bus check fixes. The interrupt_provider check is noisy, so turn it off for now. This adds the following commits from upstream: 9d7888cbf19c dtc: Consider one-character strings as strings 8259d59f59de checks: Improve i2c reg property checking fdabcf2980a4 checks: Remove warning for I2C_OWN_SLAVE_ADDRESS 2478b1652c8d libfdt: add extern "C" for C++ f68bfc2668b2 libfdt: trivial typo fix 7be250b4d059 libfdt: Correct condition for reordering blocks 81e0919a3e21 checks: Add interrupt provider test 85e5d839847a Makefile: when building libfdt only, do not add unneeded deps b28464a550c5 Fix some potential unaligned accesses in dtc Signed-off-by: Rob Herring <robh@kernel.org>
2020-03-13scripts/dtc: Update to upstream version v1.6.0-2-g87a656ae5ff9Rob Herring1-1/+1
This adds the following commits from upstream: 87a656ae5ff9 check: Inform about missing ranges 73d6e9ecb417 libfdt: fix undefined behaviour in fdt_splice_() 2525da3dba9b Bump version to v1.6.0 62cb4ad286ff Execute tests on FreeBSD with Cirrus CI 1f9a41750883 tests: Allow running the testsuite on already installed binary / libraries c5995ddf4c20 tests: Honour NO_YAML make variable e4ce227e89d7 tests: Properly clean up .bak file from tests 9b75292c335c tests: Honour $(NO_PYTHON) flag from Makefile in run_tests.sh 6c253afd07d4 Encode $(NO_PYTHON) consistently with other variables 95ec8ef706bd tests: No need to explicitly pass $PYTHON from Make to run_tests.sh 2b5f62d109a2 tests: Let run_tests.sh run Python tests without Makefile assistance 76b43dcbd18a checks: Add 'dma-ranges' check e5c92a4780c6 libfdt: Use VALID_INPUT for FDT_ERR_BADSTATE checks e5cc26b68bc0 libfdt: Add support for disabling internal checks 28fd7590aad2 libfdt: Improve comments in some of the assumptions fc207c32341b libfdt: Fix a few typos 0f61c72dedc4 libfdt: Allow exclusion of fdt_check_full() f270f45fd5d2 libfdt: Add support for disabling ordering check/fixup c18bae9a4c96 libfdt: Add support for disabling version checks fc03c4a2e04e libfdt: Add support for disabling rollback handling 77563ae72b7c libfdt: Add support for disabling sanity checks 57bc6327b80b libfdt: Add support for disabling dtb checks 464962489dcc Add a way to control the level of checks in the code 0c5326cb2845 libfdt: De-inline fdt_header_size() cc6a5a071504 Revert "yamltree: Ensure consistent bracketing of properties with phandles" 0e9225eb0dfe Remove redundant YYLOC global declaration cab09eedd644 Move -DNO_VALGRIND into CPPFLAGS 0eb1cb0b531e Makefile: pass $(CFLAGS) also during dependency generation Signed-off-by: Rob Herring <robh@kernel.org>
2019-12-26scripts/dtc: Update to upstream version v1.5.1-22-gc40aeb60b47aRob Herring1-1/+1
This adds the following commits from upstream: c40aeb60b47a travis.yml: Run tests on the non-x86 builders, too 9f86aff444f4 Add .cirrus.yml for FreeBSD build 34c82275bae6 Avoid gnu_printf attribute when using Clang 743000931bc9 tests: default to 'cc' if CC not set adcd676491cc Add test-case for trailing zero d9c55f855b65 Remove trailing zero from the overlay path 7a22132c79ec pylibfdt: Adjust for deprecated test methods dbe80d577ee2 tests: add extension to sed -i for GNU/BSD sed compatibility af57d440d887 libfdt: Correct prototype for fdt_ro_probe_() 6ce585ac153b Use correct inttypes.h format specifier 715028622547 support byacc in addition to bison fdf3f6d897ab pylibfdt: Correct the type for fdt_property_stub() 430419c28100 tests: fix some python warnings 588a29ff2e4e util: use gnu_printf format attribute bc876708ab1d fstree: replace lstat with stat 4c3c4ccb9916 dumptrees: pass outputdir as first argument aa522da9fff6 tests: allow out-of-tree test run 0d0d0fa51b1f fdtoverlay: Return non-zero exit code if overlays can't be applied 4605eb047b38 Add .editorconfig 18d7b2f4ee45 yamltree: Ensure consistent bracketing of properties with phandles 67f790c1adcc libfdt.h: add explicit cast from void* to uint8_t* in fdt(32|64)_st b111122ea5eb pylibfdt: use python3 shebang 60e0db3d65a1 Ignore phandle properties in /aliases 95ce19c14064 README: update for Python 3 5345db19f615 livetree: simplify condition in get_node_by_path b8d6eca78210 libfdt: Allow #size-cells of 0 184f51099471 Makefile: Add EXTRA_CFLAGS variable 812b1956a076 libfdt: Tweak data handling to satisfy Coverity 5c715a44776a fdtoverlay: Ignore symbols in overlays which don't apply to the target tree b99353474850 fdtoverlay: Allow adding labels to __overlay__ nodes in overlays d6de81b81b68 pylibfdt: Add support for fdt_get_alias() 1c17714dbb3a pylibfdt: Correct the FdtSw example ad57e4574a37 tests: Add a failed test case for 'fdtoverlay' with long target path bbe3b36f542b fdtoverlay: Rework output allocation 6c2e61f08396 fdtoverlay: Improve error messages 297f5abb362e fdtoverlay: Check for truncated overlay blobs Cc: Frank Rowand <frowand.list@gmail.com> Cc: clang-built-linux@googlegroups.com Signed-off-by: Rob Herring <robh@kernel.org>
2019-06-21scripts/dtc: Update to upstream version v1.5.0-30-g702c1b6c0e73Rob Herring1-1/+1
Pull in SPDX tag conversion from upstream dtc. This will replace the conversion done in the kernel tree copy in v5.2-rc2. This adds the following commits from upstream: 702c1b6c0e73 README.license: Update to reflect SPDX tag usage 4097bbffcf1d dtc: Add GPLv2 SPDX tags to files missing license text 94f87cd5b7c5 libfdt: Add dual GPL/BSD SPDX tags to files missing license text c4ffc05574b1 tests: Replace license boilerplate with SPDX tags a5ac29baacd2 pylibfdt: Replace dual GPLv2/BSD license boilerplate with SPDX tags 7fb0f4db2eb7 libfdt: Replace GPL/BSD boilerplate/reference with SPDX tags acfe84f2c47e dtc: Replace GPLv2 boilerplate/reference with SPDX tags Reviewed-by: Greg Kroah-Hartman <gregkh@linuxfoundation.org> Signed-off-by: Rob Herring <robh@kernel.org>
2019-06-12scripts/dtc: Update to upstream version v1.5.0-23-g87963ee20693Rob Herring1-1/+1
This adds the following commits from upstream: 87963ee20693 livetree: add missing type markers in generated overlay properties 825146d13dc0 Fix typos in various documentation and source files 25bb080c18d1 Update the GPL2 text to the latest revision 243176c4ce84 Fix bogus error on rebuild ce01b21098a4 libfdt: Add FDT_CREATE_FLAG_NO_NAME_DEDUP flag that trades size for speed fbb62754ce45 libfdt: Introduce fdt_create_with_flags() 228a44cce857 libfdt: Ensure fdt_add_property frees allocated name string on failure 8f695676227b Avoid assertion in check_interrupts_property() 5c3513f68921 Link tools and tests against libfdt shared library 00f9febf9c16 tests: Rename tests.sh to testutils.sh c5d45188f923 Clean up LDLIBS handling 6ef8fcd05b74 Rebuild libfdt shared object if versioning linker script changes 26ee65a16c38 Use Python3 by default cca6546244cb libfdt: Make fdt_get_max_phandle() an inline 730875016a6a libfdt: Add phandle generation helper 7dfb61ba96b1 libfdt: Use fdt_find_max_phandle() 2bc5b66d7f6c libfdt: Add new maximum phandle lookup function 7fcf8208b8a9 libfdt: add fdt_append_addrrange() ae795b2db7a4 checks: Do not omit nodes with labels if symbol generation is requested eac2ad495b29 Update version.lds again f67b47135523 Revert "libfdt: Add phandle generation helper" 54ea41c22415 libfdt: Add phandle generation helper 4762ad051ee0 checks: Fix spelling in check_graph_endpoint d37f6b20107e Bump version to v1.5.0 a4b1a307ff3a pylibfdt:tests: Extend the way how to find a Python module 625dd8aaf20f pylibfdt: Change how passing tests are recognized 364631626bb7 pylibfdt: Test fdt.setprop take bytes on Python 3, add error handling cb0f454f73cc pylibfdt: check_err accepts only integer as a first argument. 4b68c6b3605a pylibfdt: Proper handling of bytes/unicode strings and octal literals 78e113e81c9d Use PRIxPTR for printing uintptr_t values ea7a8f6dad67 libfdt: Fix FDT_ERR_NOTFOUND typos in documentation 5aafd7ca43e0 libfdt: Fix fdt_getprop_by_offset() parameter name in documentation 7cbc550f903b checks: Add unit address check if node is enabled Signed-off-by: Rob Herring <robh@kernel.org>
2018-11-28scripts/dtc: Update to upstream version v1.4.7-57-gf267e674d145Rob Herring1-1/+1
This adds the following commits from upstream: f267e674d145 checks: Fix crash with multiple source annotations 3616b9a811b6 checks: Use source position information for check failures 2bdbd07a1223 checks: Make each message output atomic a1eff70c02cf util: Add xa{v}sprintf_append functions 82a52ce4573b libfdt: Add a test for fdt_getprop_by_offset() 607b8586b383 PEP8 / Flake8 cleanups for setup.py f9c0a425b648 Remove broken objdir / srcdir support 5182b5e6f28c pylibfdt: Use common PREFIX variable d45bf1f5f2a6 Refine make tests_clean target 99284c4db9cb Refine pylibfdt_clean target a4629cfaedfb Refine libfdt_clean target 08380fc43aa2 tests: Use modern octal literals for Python 8113c00b99d3 pylibfdt: Allow switch to Python 3 via environment variable PYTHON 11738cf01f15 libfdt: Don't use memcpy to handle unaligned reads on ARM 86a288a73670 checks: Restructure check_msg to decrease indentation 5667e7ef9a9a annotations: add the annotation functionality 8e20ccf52f90 annotations: add positions ca930e20bb54 tests: Don't lose errors from make checkm 43366bb4eeee tests: Property count valgrind errors in wrapped tests 5062516fb8cb srcpos: Remove srcpos_empty a3143fafbf83 Revert "annotations: add positions" 403cc79f06a1 checks: Update SPI bus check for 'spi-slave' baa1d2cf7894 annotations: add positions ff2ad38f6a5a Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/pr/18' aa7254d9cb17 libfdt: return correct value if #size-cells property is not present 49903aed7783 use ptrdiff_t modifier for printing pointer differences da2b691ccf68 treesource: Fix dts output for phandles in middle of a sequence of ints 8f8b77a0d62d tests: Wrap check_align() calls with base_run_test() 522d81d572f2 Fix dts output with a REF_PATH marker e45198c98359 Added test cases for target references 0fcffda15e9f Merge nodes with local target label references 1e4a0928f3b3 pylibfdt: Don't have setup.py depend on where it's invoked from ca399b14956f pylibfdt: Eliminate run_setup make function 98972f1b3e33 pylibfdt: Improved version extraction 7ba2be6cda5f pylibfdt: Don't silence setup.py when V=1 7691f9d39301 pylibfdt: Make SETUP make variable 855b9963def9 pylibfdt: Simpler CFLAGS handling 47cafbeeb977 pylibfdt: Link extension module with libfdt rather than rebuilding dd695d6afb19 pylibfdt: Correctly set build output directory 59327523d0d8 pylibfdt: We don't need include files from the base directory e84742aa7b93 checks: fix simple-bus compatible matching 8c59a97ce096 Fix missing labels when emitting dts format d448f9a5fd94 Revert dts output formatting changes of spaces around brackets Signed-off-by: Rob Herring <robh@kernel.org>
2018-09-20scripts/dtc: Update to upstream version v1.4.7-14-gc86da84d30e4Rob Herring1-1/+1
Major changes are I2C and SPI bus checks, YAML output format (for future validation), some new libfdt functions, and more libfdt validation of dtbs. The YAML addition adds an optional dependency on libyaml. pkg-config is used to test for it and pkg-config became a kconfig dependency in 4.18. This adds the following commits from upstream: c86da84d30e4 Add support for YAML encoded output 361b5e7d8067 Make type_marker_length helper public bfbfab047e45 pylibfdt: Add a means to add and delete notes 9005f4108e7c pylibfdt: Allow delprop() to return errors b94c056b137e Make valgrind optional fd06c54d4711 tests: Better testing of dtc -I fs mode c3f50c9a86d9 tests: Allow dtbs_equal_unordered to ignore mem reserves 0ac9fdee37c7 dtc: trivial '-I fs -O dts' test 0fd1c8c783f3 pylibfdt: fdt_get_mem_rsv returns 2 uint64_t values 04853cad18f4 pylibfdt: Don't incorrectly / unnecessarily override uint64_t typemap 9619c8619c37 Kill bogus TYPE_BLOB marker type ac68ff92ae20 parser: add TYPE_STRING marker to path references 90a190eb04d9 checks: add SPI bus checks 53a1bd546905 checks: add I2C bus checks 88f18909db73 dtc: Bump version to v1.4.7 85bce8b2f06d tests: Correction to vg_prepare_blob() 57f7f9e7bc7c tests: Don't call memcmp() with NULL arguments c12b2b0c20eb libfdt: fdt_address_cells() and fdt_size_cells() 3fe0eeda0b7f livetree: Set phandle properties type to uint32 853649acceba pylibfdt: Support the sequential-write interface 9b0e4fe26093 tests: Improve fdt_resize() tests 1087504bb3e8 libfdt: Add necessary header padding in fdt_create() c72fa777e613 libfdt: Copy the struct region in fdt_resize() 32b9c6130762 Preserve datatype markers when emitting dts format 6dcb8ba408ec libfdt: Add helpers for accessing unaligned words 42607f21d43e tests: Fix incorrect check name 'prop_name_chars' 9d78c33bf8a1 tests: fix grep for checks error messages b770f3d1c13f pylibfdt: Support setting the name of a node 2f0d07e678e0 pylibfdt: Add functions to set and get properties as strings 354d3dc55939 pylibfdt: Update the bytearray size with pack() 3c374d46acce pylibfdt: Allow reading integer values from properties 49d32ce40bb4 pylibfdt: Use an unsigned type for fdt32_t 481246a0c13a pylibfdt: Avoid accessing the internal _fdt member in tests 9aafa33d99ed pylibfdt: Add functions to update properties 5a598671fdbf pylibfdt: Support device-tree creation/expansion 483e170625e1 pylibfdt: Add support for reading the memory reserve map 29bb05aa4200 pylibfdt: Add support for the rest of the header functions 582a7159a5d0 pylibfdt: Add support for fdt_next_node() f0f8c9169819 pylibfdt: Reorder functions to match libfdt.h 64a69d123935 pylibfdt: Return string instead of bytearray from getprop() 4d09a83420df fdtput: Add documentation e617cbe1bd67 fdtget: Add documentation 180a93924014 Use <inttypes.h> format specifiers in a bunch of places we should b9af3b396576 scripts/dtc: Fixed format mismatch in fprintf 4b8fcc3d015c libfdt: Add fdt_check_full() function c14223fb2292 tests: Use valgrind client requests for better checking 5b67d2b955a3 tests: Better handling of valgrind errors saving blobs e2556aaeb506 tests: Remove unused #define fb9c6abddaa8 Use size_t for blob lengths in utilfdt_read* 0112fda03bf6 libfdt: Add fdt_header_size() 6473a21d8bfe Consolidate utilfdt_read_len() variants d5db5382c5e5 libfdt: Safer access to memory reservations 719d582e98ec libfdt: Propagate name errors in fdt_getprop_by_offset() 70166d62a27f libfdt: Safer access to strings section eb890c0f77dc libfdt: Make fdt_check_header() more thorough 899d6fad93f3 libfdt: Improve sequential write state checking 04b5b4062ccd libfdt: Clean up header checking functions 44d3efedc816 Preserve datatype information when parsing dts f0be81bd8de0 Make Property a subclass of bytearray 24b1f3f064d4 pylibfdt: Add a method to access the device tree directly Signed-off-by: Rob Herring <robh@kernel.org>
2018-05-14scripts/dtc: Update to upstream version v1.4.6-21-g84e414b0b5bcRob Herring1-1/+1
This adds the following commits from upstream: 84e414b0b5bc tests: Add a test case for the omit-if-no-ref keyword 4038fd90056e dtc: add ability to make nodes conditional on them being referenced e1f139ea4900 checks: drop warning for missing PCI bridge bus-range f4eba68d89ee checks: Print duplicate node name instead of parent name 46df1fb1b211 .travis.yml: Run valgrind checks via Travis 14a3002a1aee tests: Update valgrind suppressions for sw_tree1 02c5fe9debc0 tests: Remove valgrind error from tests/get_path df536831d02c checks: add graph binding checks 2347c96edcbe checks: add a check for duplicate unit-addresses of child nodes 8f1b35f88395 Correct overlay syntactic sugar for generating target-path fragments afbddcd418fb Suppress warnings on overlay fragments 119e27300359 Improve tests for dtc overlay generation Signed-off-by: Rob Herring <robh@kernel.org>
2018-03-05scripts/dtc: Update to upstream version v1.4.6-9-gaadd0b65c987Rob Herring1-1/+1
This adds the following commits from upstream: aadd0b65c987 checks: centralize printing of property names in failure messages 88960e398907 checks: centralize printing of node path in check_msg f1879e1a50eb Add limited read-only support for older (V2 and V3) device tree to libfdt. 37dea76e9700 srcpos: drop special handling of tab 65893da4aee0 libfdt: overlay: Add missing license 962a45ca034d Avoid installing pylibfdt when dependencies are missing cd6ea1b2bea6 Makefile: Split INSTALL out into INSTALL_{PROGRAM,LIB,DATA,SCRIPT} 51b3a16338df Makefile.tests: Add LIBDL make(1) variable for portability sake 333d533a8f4d Attempt to auto-detect stat(1) being used if not given proper invocation e54388015af1 dtc: Bump version to v1.4.6 a1fe86f380cb fdtoverlay: Switch from using alloca to malloc c8d5472de3ff tests: Improve compatibility with other platforms c81d389a10cc checks: add chosen node checks e671852042a7 checks: add aliases node checks d0c44ebe3f42 checks: check for #{size,address}-cells without child nodes 18a3d84bb802 checks: add string list check for *-names properties 8fe94fd6f19f checks: add string list check 6c5730819604 checks: add a string check for 'label' property a384191eba09 checks: fix sound-dai phandle with arg property check b260c4f610c0 Fix ambiguous grammar for devicetree rule fe667e382bac tests: Add some basic tests for the pci_bridge checks 7975f6422260 Fix widespread incorrect use of strneq(), replace with new strprefixeq() fca296445eab Add strstarts() helper function cc392f089007 tests: Check non-matching cases for fdt_node_check_compatible() bba26a5291c8 livetree: avoid assertion of orphan phandles with overlays c8f8194d76cc implement strnlen for systems that need it c8b38f65fdec libfdt: Remove leading underscores from identifiers 3b62fdaebfe5 Remove leading underscores from identifiers 2d45d1c5c65e Replace FDT_VERSION() with stringify() 2e6fe5a107b5 Fix some errors in comments b0ae9e4b0ceb tests: Correct warning in sw_tree1.c Commit c8b38f65fdec upstream ("libfdt: Remove leading underscores from identifiers") changed the multiple inclusion define protection, so the kernel's libfdt_env.h needs the corresponding update. Signed-off-by: Rob Herring <robh@kernel.org>
2017-10-25scripts/dtc: Update to upstream version v1.4.5-6-gc1e55a5513e9Rob Herring1-1/+1
Pickup the fix for handling unresolved phandles in overlays. This adds the following commits from upstream: c1e55a5513e9 checks: fix handling of unresolved phandles for dts plugins f8872e29ce06 tests: Avoid 64-bit arithmetic in assembler 48c91c08bcfa libfdt: add stringlist functions to linker script Signed-off-by: Rob Herring <robh@kernel.org>
2017-10-03scripts/dtc: Update to upstream version v1.4.5-3-gb1a60033c110Rob Herring1-1/+1
This adds the following commits from upstream: b1a60033c110 tests: Add a test for overlays syntactic sugar 737b2df39cc8 overlay: Add syntactic sugar version of overlays 497432fd2131 checks: Use proper format modifier for size_t 22a65c5331c2 dtc: Bump version to v1.4.5 c575d8059fff Add fdtoverlay to .gitignore b6a6f9490d19 fdtoverlay: Sanity check blob size 8c1eb1526d2d pylibfdt: Use Python2 explicitly ee3d26f6960b checks: add interrupts property check c1e7738988f5 checks: add gpio binding properties check b3bbac02d5e3 checks: add phandle with arg property checks fe50bd1ecc1d fdtget: Split out cell list display into a new function 62d812308d11 README: Add a note about test_tree1.dts 5bed86aee9e8 pylibfdt: Add support for fdt_subnode_offset() 46f31b65b3b3 pylibfdt: Add support for fdt_node_offset_by_phandle() a3ae43723687 pylibfdt: Add support for fdt_parent_offset() a198af80344c pylibfdt: Add support for fdt_get_phandle() b9eba92ea50f tests: Return a failure code when any tests fail 155faf6cc209 pylibfdt: Use local pylibfdt module 50e5cd07f325 pylibfdt: Add a test for use of uint32_t ab78860f09f5 pylibfdt: Add stdint include to fix uint32_t 36f511fb1113 tests: Add stacked overlay tests on fdtoverlay 1bb00655d3e5 fdt: Allow stacked overlays phandle references a33c2247ac8d Introduce fdt_setprop_placeholder() method 0016f8c2aa32 dtc: change default phandles to ePAPR style instead of both e3b9a9588a35 tests: fdtoverlay unit test 42409146f2db fdtoverlay: A tool that applies overlays aae22722fc8d manual: Document missing options 13ce6e1c2fc4 dtc: fix sprintf() format string error, again d990b8013889 Makefile: Fix build on MSYS2 and Cygwin 51f56dedf8ea Clean up shared library compile/link options 21a2bc896e3d Suppress expected error message in fdtdump test 2a42b14d0d03 dtc: check.c fix compile error a10cb3c818d3 Fix get_node_by_path string equality check 548aea2c436a fdtdump: Discourage use of fdtdump c2258841a785 fdtdump: Fix over-zealous version check 9067ee4be0e6 Fix a few whitespace and style nits e56f2b07be38 pylibfdt: Use setup.py to build the swig file 896f1c133265 pylibfdt: Use Makefile constructs to implement NO_PYTHON 90db6d9989ca pylibfdt: Allow setup.py to operate stand-alone e20d9658cd8f Add Coverity Scan support b04a2cf08862 pylibfdt: Fix code style in setup.py 1c5170d3a466 pylibfdt: Rename libfdt.swig to libfdt.i 580a9f6c2880 Add a libfdt function to write a property placeholder ab15256d8d02 pylibfdt: Use the call function to simplify the Makefile 9f2e3a3a1f19 pylibfdt: Use the correct libfdt version in the module e91c652af215 pylibfdt: Enable installation of Python module 8a892fd85d94 pylibfdt: Allow building to be disabled 741cdff85d3e .travis.yml: Add builds with and without Python library prerequisites 14c4171f4f9a pylibfdt: Use package_dir to set the package directory 89a5062ab231 pylibfdt: Use environment to pass C flags and files 4e0e0d049757 pylibfdt: Allow pkg-config to be supplied in the environment 6afd7d9688f5 Correct typo: s/pylibgfdt/pylibfdt/ Signed-off-by: Rob Herring <robh@kernel.org>
2017-03-22scripts/dtc: Update to upstream version v1.4.4-8-g756ffc4f52f6Rob Herring1-1/+1
This adds the following commits from upstream: 756ffc4f52f6 Build pylibfdt as part of the normal build process 8cb3896358e9 Adjust libfdt.h to work with swig b40aa8359aff Mention pylibfdt in the documentation 12cfb740cc76 Add tests for pylibfdt 50f250701631 Add an initial Python library for libfdt cdbb2b6c7a3a checks: Warn on node name unit-addresses with '0x' or leading 0s 4c15d5da17cc checks: Add bus checks for simple-bus buses 33c3985226d3 checks: Add bus checks for PCI buses 558cd81bdd43 dtc: Bump version to v1.4.4 c17a811c62eb fdtput: Remove star from value_len documentation 194d5caaefcb fdtget: Use @return to document the return value d922ecdd017b tests: Make realloc_fdt() really allocate *fdt 921cc17fec29 libfdt: overlay: Check the value of the right variable 9ffdf60bf463 dtc: Simplify asm_emit_string() implementation 881012e44386 libfdt: Change names of sparse helper macros bad5b28049e5 Fix assorted sparse warnings 672ac09ea04d Clean up gcc attributes 49300f2ade6a dtc: Don't abuse struct fdt_reserve_entry fa8bc7f928ac dtc: Bump version to v1.4.3 34a9886a177f Add printf format attributes f72508e2b6ca Correct some broken printf() like format mismatches 397d5ef0203c libfdt: Add fdt_setprop_empty() 69a1bd6ad3f9 libfdt: Remove undefined behaviour setting empty properties acd1b534a592 Print output filename as part of warning messages 120775eb1cf3 dtc: Use streq() in preference to strcmp() 852e9ecbe197 checks: Add Warning for stricter node name character checking ef0e8f061534 checks: Add Warning for stricter property name character checking 00d7bb1f4b0e dtc: pos parameter to srcpos_string() can't be NULL 95d57726bca4 livetree.c: Fix memory leak 3b9c97093d6e dtc: Fix NULL pointer use in dtlabel + dtref case 43eb551426ea manual: Fix typo it -> in 4baf15f7f13f Makefile: Add tags rule Signed-off-by: Rob Herring <robh@kernel.org>
2017-01-04scripts/dtc: Update to upstream version 0931cea3ba20Rob Herring1-1/+1
Sync to upstream dtc commit 0931cea3ba20 ("dtc: fdtdump: check fdt if not in scanning mode"). In particular, this pulls in dtc overlay support. This adds the following commits from upstream: f88865469b65 dtc: Fix memory leak in character literal parsing 00fbb8696b66 Rename boot_info 1ef86ad2c24f dtc: Clean up /dts-v1/ and /plugin/ handling in grammar e3c769aa9c16 dtc: Don't always generate __symbols__ for plugins c96cb3c0169e tests: Don't use -@ on plugin de/recompile tests 66381538ce24 tests: Remove "suppression of fixups" tests ba765b273f0f tests: Clarify dtc overlay tests 6ea8cd944fcd tests: More thorough tests of libfdt overlay application without dtc 7d8ef6e1db97 tests: Correct fdt handling of overlays without fixups and base trees without symbols b4dc0ed8b127 tests: Fix double expansion bugs in test code 3ea879dc0c8f tests: Split overlay tests into those with do/don't exercise dtc plugin generation 47b4d66a2f11 tests: Test auto-alias generation on base tree, not overlay 72e1ad811523 tests: Make overlay/plugin tests unconditional e7b3c3b5951b tests: Add overlay tests 9637e3f772a9 tests: Add check_path test 20f29d8d41f6 dtc: Plugin and fixup support a2c92cac53f8 dtc: Document the dynamic plugin internals 8f70ac39801d checks: Pass boot_info instead of root node ea10f953878f libfdt: add missing errors to fdt_strerror() daa75e8fa594 libfdt: fix fdt_stringlist_search() e28eff5b787a libfdt: fix fdt_stringlist_count() ae97c7722840 tests: overlay: Rename the device tree blobs to be more explicit 96162d2bd9cb tests: overlay: Add test suffix to the compiled blobs 5ce8634733b7 libfdt: Add fdt_overlay_apply to the exported symbols 804a9db90ad2 fdt: strerr: Remove spurious BADOVERLAY e8c3a1a493fa tests: overlay: Move back the bad fixup tests 7a72d89d3f81 libfdt: overlay: Fix symbols and fixups nodes condition cabbaa972cdd libfdt: overlay: Report a bad overlay for mismatching local fixups deb0a5c1aeaa libfdt: Add BADPHANDLE error string 7b7a6be9ba15 libfdt: Don't use 'index' as a local variable name aea8860d831e tests: Add tests cases for the overlay code 0cdd06c5135b libfdt: Add overlay application function 39240cc865cf libfdt: Extend the reach of FDT_ERR_BADPHANDLE 4aa3a6f5e6d9 libfdt: Add new errors for the overlay code 6d1832c9e64b dtc: Remove "home page" link 45fd440a9561 Fix some typing errors in libfdt.h and livetree.c a59be4939c13 Merge tag 'v1.4.2' a34bb721caca dtc: Fix assorted problems in the testcases for the -a option 874f40588d3e Implement the -a option to pad dtb aligned ec02b34c05be dtc: Makefile improvements for release uploading 1ed45d40a137 dtc: Bump version to 1.4.2 36fd7331fb11 libfdt: simplify fdt_del_mem_rsv() d877364e4a0f libfdt: Add fdt_setprop_inplace_namelen_partial 3e9037aaad44 libfdt: Add fdt_getprop_namelen_w 84e0e1346c68 libfdt: Add max phandle retrieval function d29126c90acb libfdt: Add iterator over properties 902d0f0953d0 libfdt: Add a subnodes iterator macro c539075ba8ba fdtput.c: Fix memory leak. f79ddb83e185 fdtget.c: Fix memory leak 1074ee54b63f convert-dtsv0-lexer.l: fix memory leak e24d39a024e6 fdtdump.c: make sure size_t argument to memchr is always unsigned. 44a59713cf05 Remove unused srcpos_dump() function cb9241ae3453 DTC: Fix memory leak on flatname. 1ee0ae24ea09 Simplify check field and macro names 9d97527a8621 Remove property check functions 2e709d158e11 Remove tree check functions c4cb12e193e3 Alter grammar to allow multiple /dts-v1/ tags d71d25d76012 Use xasprintf() in srcpos 9dc404958e9c util: Add xasprintf portable asprintf variant beef80b8b55f Correct a missing space in a fdt_header cast 68d43cec1253 Correct line lengths in libfdt.h b0dbceafd49a Correct space-after-tab in libfdt.h Signed-off-by: Rob Herring <robh@kernel.org>
2016-03-29scripts/dtc: Update to upstream version 53bf130b1cddRob Herring1-1/+1
Sync to upstream dtc commit 53bf130b1cdd ("libfdt: simplify fdt_node_check_compatible()"). This adds the following commits from upstream: 53bf130 libfdt: simplify fdt_node_check_compatible() c9d9121 Warn on node name unit-address presence/absence mismatch 2e53f9d Catch unsigned 32bit overflow when parsing flattened device tree offsets Signed-off-by: Rob Herring <robh@kernel.org>
2016-02-11scripts/dtc: Update to upstream commit b06e55c88b9bRob Herring1-1/+1
Sync to upstream dtc commit b06e55c88b9b ("Prevent crash on modulo by zero"). This adds the following commits from upstream: b06e55c Prevent crash on modulo by zero b433450 Fix some bugs in processing of line directives d728ad5 Fix crash on nul character in string escape sequence 1ab2205 Gracefully handle bad octal literals 1937095 Prevent crash on division by zero d0b3ab0 libfdt: Fix undefined behaviour in fdt_offset_ptr() d4c7c25 libfdt: check for potential overrun in _fdt_splice() f58799b libfdt: Add some missing symbols to version.lds af9f26d Remove duplicated -Werror in dtc Makefile 604e61e fdt: Add functions to retrieve strings 8702bd1 fdt: Add a function to get the index of a string 2218387 fdt: Add a function to count strings 554fde2 libfdt: fix comment block of fdt_get_property_namelen() e5e6df7 fdtdump: Fix bug printing bytestrings with negative values 067829e Remove redundant fdtdump test code 897a429 Move fdt_path_offset alias tests to right tests section 2d1417c Add simple .travis.yml f6dbc6c guess output file format 5e78dff guess input file format based on file content or file name 8b927bf tests: convert `echo -n` to `printf` 64c46b0 Fix crash with poorly defined #size-cells Cc: Grant Likely <grant.likely@linaro.org> Tested-by: Frank Rowand <frank.rowand@sonymobile.com> Reviewed-by: Frank Rowand <frank.rowand@sonymobile.com> Signed-off-by: Rob Herring <robh@kernel.org>
2015-04-29scripts/dtc: Update to upstream version 9d3649bd3be245c9Rob Herring1-1/+1
Sync dtc with upstream as of commit 9d3649bd3be2 (Add testcases for fdt_path_offset_namelen()). Signed-off-by: Rob Herring <robh@kernel.org> Cc: Grant Likely <grant.likely@linaro.org> Cc: devicetree@vger.kernel.org
2014-01-21scripts/dtc: Add a script to update to mainline dtc sourceGrant Likely1-1/+1
A very simple script that automates pulling in a newer version of DTC. Not particularly robust, but a whole lot better than doing it by hand every time. Signed-off-by: Grant Likely <grant.likely@linaro.org>
2014-01-21scripts/dtc: Update to upstream version v1.4.0Grant Likely1-1/+1
Update to the latest version of dtc with the following notable enhancements and bug fixes: * fdtput: expand fdt if value does not fit * dtc/fdt{get, put}/convert-dtsv0-lexer: convert to new usage helpers * libfdt: Add fdt_next_subnode() to permit easy subnode iteration * utilfdt_read: pass back up the length of data read * util_version: new helper for displaying version info * die: constify format string arg * utilfdt_read_err: use xmalloc funcs * Export fdt_stringlist_contains() * dtc: Drop the '-S is deprecated' warning * dtc/libfdt: sparse fixes * dtc/libfdt: introduce fdt types for annotation by endian checkers * Fix util_is_printable_string * dtc: srcpos_verror() should print to stderr * libfdt: Added missing functions to shared library Shipped bison/flex generated files were built on an Ubuntu 13.10 system. Signed-off-by: Grant Likely <grant.likely@linaro.org>
2011-01-03of/flattree: Update dtc to current mainline.John Bonesio1-1/+1
Pull in recent changes from the main dtc repository. These changes primarily allow multiple device trees to be declared which are merged by dtc. This feature allows us to include a basic dts file and then provide more information for the specific system through the merging functionality. Changes pulled from git://git.jdl.com/software/dtc.git commit id: 37c0b6a0, "dtc: Add code to make diffing trees easier" Signed-off-by: John Bonesio <bones@secretlab.ca> Signed-off-by: Grant Likely <grant.likely@secretlab.ca>
2009-05-02Move dtc and libfdt sources from arch/powerpc/boot to scripts/dtcDavid Gibson1-0/+1
The powerpc kernel always requires an Open Firmware like device tree to supply device information. On systems without OF, this comes from a flattened device tree blob. This blob is usually generated by dtc, a tool which compiles a text description of the device tree into the flattened format used by the kernel. Sometimes, the bootwrapper makes small changes to the pre-compiled device tree blob (e.g. filling in the size of RAM). To do this it uses the libfdt library. Because these are only used on powerpc, the code for both these tools is included under arch/powerpc/boot (these were imported and are periodically updated from the upstream dtc tree). However, the microblaze architecture, currently being prepared for merging to mainline also uses dtc to produce device tree blobs. A few other archs have also mentioned some interest in using dtc. Therefore, this patch moves dtc and libfdt from arch/powerpc into scripts, where it can be used by any architecture. The vast bulk of this patch is a literal move, the rest is adjusting the various Makefiles to use dtc and libfdt correctly from their new locations. Signed-off-by: David Gibson <david@gibson.dropbear.id.au> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>