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-# Set this to "no" if pserver shouldn't check system users/passwords
-# Put CVS lock files in this directory rather than directly in the repository.
-# Set `TopLevelAdmin' to `yes' to create a CVS directory at the top
-# level of the new working directory when using the `cvs checkout'
-# command.
-# Set `LogHistory' to `all' or `TOEFWUPCGMAR' to log all transactions to the
-# history file, or a subset as needed (ie `TMAR' logs all write operations)
-# Set `RereadLogAfterVerify' to `always' (the default) to allow the verifymsg
-# script to change the log message. Set it to `stat' to force CVS to verify
-# that the file has changed before reading it (this can take up to an extra
-# second per directory being committed, so it is not recommended for large
-# repositories. Set it to `never' (the previous CVS behavior) to prevent
-# verifymsg scripts from changing the log message.
-# Set `UserAdminOptions' to the list of `cvs admin' commands (options)
-# that users not in the `cvsadmin' group are allowed to run. This
-# defaults to `k', or only allowing the changing of the default
-# keyword expansion mode for files for users not in the `cvsadmin' group.
-# This value is ignored if the `cvsadmin' group does not exist.
-# The following string would enable all `cvs admin' commands for all
-# users:
-# Set `UseNewInfoFmtStrings' to `no' if you must support a legacy system by
-# enabling the deprecated old style info file command line format strings.
-# Be warned that these strings could be disabled in any new version of CVS.