OpenRG Image Parser

OpenRG has a custom image file format, with headers and compression and config files. This utility extracts files from flat OpenRG images. It uses mmap'd IO to be fast, and validates checksums. It's also a decent piece of reference code for doing other things with OpenRG files.


$ make
cc -march=native -O3 -std=c99 -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer  -lz  image-parser.c   -o image-parser

$ ./image-parser /dev/mtdblock0
==== rg_conf (Valid Checksum) ====
Length: 12130 bytes
Decompressed Length: 121178 bytes
Saving to: 0x01030000-rg_conf

==== rg_conf (Valid Checksum) ====
Length: 13120 bytes
Decompressed Length: 132110 bytes
Saving to: 0x01090000-rg_conf