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@@ -8,26 +8,11 @@ This is a very simple password store that encrypts passwords using gpg and
places the encrypted password in a directory. It can generate new passwords
and keep track of old ones.
-Please see the man page for considerable more documentation and examples.
+Visit the project page for more information: http://zx2c4.com/projects/password-store
-You may read the man page without installing the package by one of these
-- Show it in man:
- $ man ./man/pass.1
-- Produce an HTML page:
- $ groff -mandoc -T html ./man/pass.1 > pass-man-page.html
-- Produce a PDF document:
- $ groff -mandoc ./man/pass.1 > pass-man-page.ps
- $ ps2pdf pass-man-page.ps
+Please see the man page for documentation and examples.
Depends on:
- gpg2
- git
- xclip