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passmenu: add support for wayland
Use a similar detection mechanism to pass itself. On wayland use: * dmenu-wl instead of dmenu, an (almost) drop-in replacement * ydotool instead of xdotool, a uinput-based replacement for xdotool. It is not as feature-complete, but probably the simplest (or only?) way to add the --type functionality to passmenu on wayland.
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@@ -4,6 +4,10 @@ clipboard without having to open up a terminal window if you don't already have
one open. If `--type` is specified, the password is typed using [xdotool][]
instead of copied to the clipboard.
+On wayland [dmenu-wl][] is used to replace dmenu and [ydotool][] to replace xdotool.
+Note that the latter requires access to the [uinput][] device, so you'll probably
+need to add an extra udev rule or similar to give certain non-root users permission.
# Usage
passmenu [--type] [dmenu arguments...]
@@ -11,3 +15,6 @@ instead of copied to the clipboard.
[dmenu]: http://tools.suckless.org/dmenu/
[xdotool]: http://www.semicomplete.com/projects/xdotool/
[pass]: http://www.zx2c4.com/projects/password-store/
+[dmenu-wl]: https://github.com/nyyManni/dmenu-wayland
+[ydotool]: https://github.com/ReimuNotMoe/ydotool
+[uinput]: https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/v4.12/input/uinput.html