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-.TH PASS 1 "2012 Sept 24" ZX2C4 "Password Store"
+.TH PASS 1 "2014 March 18" ZX2C4 "Password Store"
pass - stores, retrieves, generates, and synchronizes passwords securely
@@ -118,7 +118,10 @@ If the password store is a git repository, pass \fIgit-command-args\fP as argume
.BR git (1)
using the password store as the git repository. If \fIgit-command-args\fP is \fBinit\fP,
in addition to initializing the git repository, add the current contents of the password
-store to the repository in an initial commit.
+store to the repository in an initial commit. If the git config key \fIpass.signcommits\fP
+is set to \fItrue\fP, then all commits will be signed using \fIuser.signingkey\fP or the
+default git signing key. This config key may be turned on using:
+.B `pass git config --bool --add pass.signcommits true`
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