vcardexport for Meego Harmattan

The vcard export GUI feature of the contacts app on the N950 is broken. The console app "vcardconverter" successfully digests vcards, but you won't be able to get them out. In my case, it converted some back to vcards, but failed on others. Unacceptable. For updating to today's new firmware, I didn't want to take a full backup of the tracker database, choosing instead to start fresh, suspecting that the new firmware fixes a lot of bugs. How, then, was I to backup my contacts, if I wasn't going to backup the tracker? Vcard is the perfect neutral format for this.

So in a few lines of easy Qt/C++, I wrote vcardexport, a console application. It spits all the contacts out into one giant vcard file that can be reimported later with vcardconverter. Simple and easy. The biggest pain was getting the Aegis manifest correct, as the auto-generation tool is broken, and documentation is kind of sparse, but it's all sorted now.

You can browse the source here or download the latest deb from here.


$ /opt/vcardexport/bin/vcardexport > ~/vcards.vcf

Hope this is helpful. Enjoy the new firmware:

    image        [state    progress         transfer     flash speed]
[x] cert-sw      [finished   100 %       1 /       1 kB      NA     ]
[x] cmt-2nd      [finished   100 %      95 /      95 kB      NA     ]
[x] cmt-algo     [finished   100 %     789 /     789 kB      NA     ]
[x] cmt-mcusw    [finished   100 %    6008 /    6008 kB    2933 kB/s]
[x] xloader      [finished   100 %      23 /      23 kB      NA     ]
[x] secondary    [finished   100 %      88 /      88 kB      NA     ]
[x] kernel       [finished   100 %    2708 /    2708 kB    2024 kB/s]
[x] rootfs       [finished   100 %  326205 /  326205 kB    7339 kB/s]
[x] mmc          [finished   100 %  204747 /  204747 kB   17604 kB/s]
Updating SW release