BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterdoc: update German auto-generated fileSébastien Helleu3 days
guile-2.2guile: add detection of Guile 2.2, some changes for Guile 2.2 (WIP) (issue #1098)Sébastien Helleu4 months
2.0Version 2.0.2-devSébastien Helleu17 months
1.9Version 1.9.1Sébastien Helleu20 months
1.7Version 1.7.1Sébastien Helleu2 years
1.1core: fix screenshot URL in READMESébastien Helleu2 years
1.0core: fix screenshot URL in READMESébastien Helleu2 years
1.2ruby: add detection of Ruby 2.2Sébastien Helleu4 years
0.0.1Fix compilation errors/warningsSebastien Helleu5 years
0.3.9Version Helleu7 years
v2.5-rc1weechat-2.5-rc1.tar.xz  Sébastien Helleu5 days
v2.4weechat-2.4.tar.xz  Sébastien Helleu3 months
v2.4-rc1weechat-2.4-rc1.tar.xz  Sébastien Helleu3 months
v2.3weechat-2.3.tar.xz  Sébastien Helleu7 months
v2.3-rc1weechat-2.3-rc1.tar.xz  Sébastien Helleu7 months
v2.2weechat-2.2.tar.xz  Sébastien Helleu10 months
v2.2-rc2weechat-2.2-rc2.tar.xz  Sébastien Helleu10 months
v2.2-rc1weechat-2.2-rc1.tar.xz  Sébastien Helleu10 months
v2.1weechat-2.1.tar.xz  Sébastien Helleu14 months
v2.1-rc1weechat-2.1-rc1.tar.xz  Sébastien Helleu14 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
3 daysdoc: update German auto-generated fileHEADmasterSébastien Helleu1-34/+34
3 dayscore: update German translationsweechatter2-77/+79
5 daysVersion 2.5-rc1v2.5-rc1Sébastien Helleu1-1/+1
5 daysirc: add extra check on argument "nick" in functions "irc_nick_set_*"Sébastien Helleu1-0/+12
5 daysirc: fix crash when the nick in incoming message is not found in channelSébastien Helleu1-1/+2
6 daysrelay: remove useless conditionSébastien Helleu1-1/+1
6 dayscore: update ChangeLog (closes #733, closes #1333)Sébastien Helleu1-0/+1
6 daysrelay: set address to "local" if not knownSébastien Helleu1-1/+2
6 dayscore: update translationsSébastien Helleu22-435/+1500
6 daysrelay: rename variables in function relay_config_check_path_lengthSébastien Helleu1-7/+8