BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ln/develDo remove expired leases from allowedipsLinus Nordberg25 hours
masterDo remove expired leases from allowedipsLinus Nordberg25 hours
tg/merge[tests] Be consistent in how to report failuresLinus Nordberg2 days
ln/filter-routesWIPLinus Nordberg8 weeks
ln/server-restore-leasesAdd a testLinus Nordberg2 months
ln/leasetimeInvoke server properly in testsLinus Nordberg2 months
tg/develFix parsing issue with split messagesThomas Gschwantner2 months
ln/mergetest releasing of v4 and extending of v6Linus Nordberg2 months
ln/remove-allowedips-3WIPLinus Nordberg2 months
tg/netlink_raceNetlink race testThomas Gschwantner2 months
tg/clientWIP2Thomas Gschwantner3 months
tg/radix-trieWIP: testing codeThomas Gschwantner4 months
tg/ip_utilAdd ip_util.hThomas Gschwantner6 months
ln/request-ipAdd to the request_ip protocol specLinus Nordberg7 months
ln/poc1Do blindly honour clients ask for addressesLinus Nordberg8 months
ln/poc0add instructions for intalling dependenciesLinus Nordberg8 months
ln/send2fix a2cb139Linus Nordberg9 months
dkg/protocol-specmove the google doc into the git repositoryDaniel Kahn Gillmor10 months
kv_parsingWIP: parsing (2)Thomas Gschwantner10 months
tp/protocol_draftGet capnproto decode of WgClientMsg workingTushar Pankaj13 months
tp/experimentFix memleakTushar Pankaj13 months
tp/mainsFix typosTushar Pankaj13 months
tp/daemonizeFix missing include in daemonizeTushar Pankaj13 months