BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFix build issue that occurs on gcc debian 6.3.0-18Thomas Gschwantner4 days
tg/develFix build issue that occurs on gcc debian 6.3.0-18Thomas Gschwantner4 days
tg/radix-trieWIP: testing codeThomas Gschwantner2 weeks
tg/ip_utilAdd ip_util.hThomas Gschwantner3 months
ln/request-ipAdd to the request_ip protocol specLinus Nordberg4 months
ln/poc1Do blindly honour clients ask for addressesLinus Nordberg5 months
ln/poc0add instructions for intalling dependenciesLinus Nordberg5 months
ln/send2fix a2cb139Linus Nordberg5 months
dkg/protocol-specmove the google doc into the git repositoryDaniel Kahn Gillmor6 months
kv_parsingWIP: parsing (2)Thomas Gschwantner6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
4 daysFix build issue that occurs on gcc debian 6.3.0-18HEADtg/develmasterThomas Gschwantner1-1/+5
5 daysImprove error handling and serializationThomas Gschwantner3-88/+88
5 daysDon't build wg-dynamic-client until it's fixedThomas Gschwantner1-1/+1
7 daysInitialize pools from routes via netlinkThomas Gschwantner5-29/+191
2019-08-02radix-trie: implement pool shadowingThomas Gschwantner2-27/+60
2019-07-18Move counting logic from lease.c to radix-trie.cThomas Gschwantner3-108/+94
2019-07-18Implement lease expirationThomas Gschwantner8-36/+120
2019-07-16radix-trie: inline find_node() into ipp_addpool()Thomas Gschwantner1-16/+8
2019-06-14Use epoll() instead of poll()Thomas Gschwantner4-123/+143
2019-06-14Remove CLOCK_MONOTONIC commentThomas Gschwantner1-4/+0