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* gradle: bump wrapper to 7.2Harsh Shandilya2021-10-251-104/+153
* gradle: bump to v7.1Harsh Shandilya2021-06-161-1/+1
* build: uprev to Gradle 6.6Harsh Shandilya2020-08-121-1/+1
* build: upgrade to gradle 6.4 and track checksumHarsh Shandilya2020-05-091-0/+2
* Update Gradle to 6.0.1Harsh Shandilya2019-12-151-17/+12
* Uprev to Gradle 5.6.2Harsh Shandilya2019-09-271-3/+19
* wg-build: Update gradle build filesHarsh Shandilya2018-05-021-30/+42
* project: Add gradle wrapperSamuel Holland2017-07-281-0/+160