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* tools: bump depsJason A. Donenfeld2022-05-161-4/+4
* tools: bump wireguard-go and go 1.18Jason A. Donenfeld2022-03-201-4/+4
* tools: bump libwg-goJason A. Donenfeld2021-10-291-4/+4
* global: bump copyright yearJason A. Donenfeld2021-10-291-1/+1
* tools: bump depsJason A. Donenfeld2021-09-241-4/+4
* tools: bump depsJason A. Donenfeld2021-05-051-4/+4
* tunnel: update to go 1.16 and newer apiJason A. Donenfeld2021-02-221-3/+4
* libwg-go: update to go 1.15.6L.W.Reek2021-01-231-3/+3
* libwg-go: update to go 1.15.2Jason A. Donenfeld2020-09-151-3/+3
* tools: bump versionsJason A. Donenfeld2020-06-071-3/+3
* libwg-go: bump go versionHarsh Shandilya2020-04-261-3/+3
* tunnel: libwg-go: use deterministic verdef nameJason A. Donenfeld2020-04-031-1/+1
* tunnel: libwg-go: remove -x option from flockJason A. Donenfeld2020-04-011-2/+2
* tunnel: libwg-go: check sha256 of downloaded tarballJason A. Donenfeld2020-03-291-1/+5
* tunnel: libwg-go: stick go tarball in gradle cacheJason A. Donenfeld2020-03-291-5/+15
* tunnel: libwg-go: prevent parallel downloadsJason A. Donenfeld2020-03-291-3/+5
* libwg-go: bump go versionJason A. Donenfeld2020-03-221-1/+1
* tunnel: tools: update to latest goJason A. Donenfeld2020-03-101-1/+1
* Migrate tunnel related classes to tunnel/ Gradle moduleHarsh Shandilya2020-03-091-0/+35