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* VPN: Better error messagesRoopesh Chander2018-10-301-3/+11
* Tunnel detail: Assume there's just one section per peerRoopesh Chander2018-10-291-24/+17
* Tunnel list, detail: Deletion of tunnelsRoopesh Chander2018-10-291-2/+27
* Fix: Make sure all prepareForReuse() implementations call superRoopesh Chander2018-10-291-0/+2
* Tunnel detail: Change title after editing completesRoopesh Chander2018-10-291-0/+1
* Tunnel detail: Copying the public keyRoopesh Chander2018-10-291-1/+1
* Tunnel detail: For now, don't allow cancelling when resolving domains is in progressRoopesh Chander2018-10-281-1/+1
* Tunnel detail: The tableView should have selection disabledRoopesh Chander2018-10-271-0/+1
* VPN: Better error and status handlingRoopesh Chander2018-10-271-25/+9
* Tunnel detail: Account for status section in peer index calculationsRoopesh Chander2018-10-271-2/+2
* Tunnel detail: UI for activating and deactivating a tunnelRoopesh Chander2018-10-271-15/+144
* Tunnel detail: Fix commentRoopesh Chander2018-10-271-1/+1
* VPN: Adding, modifying and deleting actual NETunnelProviderManager instancesRoopesh Chander2018-10-271-2/+2
* iPad: Fix modal presentation styleRoopesh Chander2018-10-271-0/+1
* Tunnel editing: Delegate should also report when editing is cancelledRoopesh Chander2018-10-271-1/+4
* VPN: Tunnel container shall provide direct access to the configuration objectRoopesh Chander2018-10-271-2/+2
* Tunnel editing: Modifying a tunnel configurationRoopesh Chander2018-10-271-2/+14
* Tunnel creation: After saving the new tunnel, show the detail viewRoopesh Chander2018-10-271-2/+4
* Tunnel detail: Don't show fields that have empty valueRoopesh Chander2018-10-271-10/+24
* Smaller copyright headersRoopesh Chander2018-10-271-7/+2
* Tunnel detail: Start off with the tunnel detail viewRoopesh Chander2018-10-271-0/+222