WireGuard for FreeBSD

This is a kernel module for FreeBSD to support WireGuard. It is being developed here before its eventual submission to FreeBSD 13.1 or 14.

Installation instructions

Snapshots of this may be installed from packages:

# pkg install wireguard

Building instructions

If you'd prefer to build this repo from scratch, rather than using a package, first make sure you have the latest net/wireguard-tools package installed, version ≥1.0.20210424. Then, on FreeBSD 12.1, 12.2, and 13.0:

# git clone https://git.zx2c4.com/wireguard-freebsd
# make -C wireguard-freebsd/src
# make -C wireguard-freebsd/src load install

After that, it should be possible to use wg(8) and wg-quick(8) like usual, but with the faster kernel implementation.