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diff --git a/src/wireguard/mod.rs b/src/wireguard/mod.rs
index 83f9e8a..79feed7 100644
--- a/src/wireguard/mod.rs
+++ b/src/wireguard/mod.rs
@@ -4,18 +4,15 @@ mod wireguard;
mod endpoint;
mod handshake;
+mod peer;
mod router;
mod types;
mod tests;
-/// The WireGuard sub-module contains a pure, configurable implementation of WireGuard.
-/// The implementation is generic over:
-/// - TUN type, specifying how packets are received on the interface side: a reader/writer and MTU reporting interface.
-/// - Bind type, specifying how WireGuard messages are sent/received from the internet and what constitutes an "endpoint"
-pub use wireguard::{Peer, Wireguard};
+pub use peer::Peer;
+pub use wireguard::Wireguard;
pub use types::dummy_keypair;
@@ -24,4 +21,6 @@ pub use types::dummy_keypair;
use super::platform::dummy;
use super::platform::{bind, tun, Endpoint};
-use types::{Key, KeyPair};
+use peer::PeerInner;
+use types::KeyPair;
+use wireguard::HandshakeJob;