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* Move to run queueMathias Hall-Andersen2019-12-098-250/+477
* Fixed inbound job bug (add to sequential queue)Mathias Hall-Andersen2019-12-069-168/+239
* Moving away from peer threadsMathias Hall-Andersen2019-12-038-405/+635
* Enable up/down from configuration interfaceMathias Hall-Andersen2019-11-251-4/+4
* Make IO traits suitable for Tun events (up/down)Mathias Hall-Andersen2019-11-244-20/+20
* Clean dependencies and importsMathias Hall-Andersen2019-11-212-11/+10
* Better compartmentalization of cryptokey routerMathias Hall-Andersen2019-11-186-185/+395
* Bug fixes from compliance tests with WireGuardMathias Hall-Andersen2019-11-184-12/+35
* Implement disable/enable timersMathias Hall-Andersen2019-11-063-23/+29
* Work on Up/Down operation on WireGuard deviceMathias Hall-Andersen2019-11-043-46/+57
* Work on configuration interfaceMathias Hall-Andersen2019-11-022-7/+7
* Work on timer semanticsMathias Hall-Andersen2019-10-315-32/+40
* Remove unused dependenciesMathias Hall-Andersen2019-10-302-4/+17
* Change router job to accommodate keep_key_freshMathias Hall-Andersen2019-10-304-135/+139
* Unified use of make_packet during testsMathias Hall-Andersen2019-10-295-111/+122
* First full test of pure WireGuardMathias Hall-Andersen2019-10-284-20/+14
* Moved IO traits into platform moduleMathias Hall-Andersen2019-10-234-10/+10
* Work on porting timer semantics and linux platformMathias Hall-Andersen2019-10-164-31/+31
* Work on Linux platform codeMathias Hall-Andersen2019-10-1310-0/+1881