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* global: formatJason A. Donenfeld2021-05-111-1/+1
* ringlogger: account for ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS returnsJason A. Donenfeld2021-03-052-3/+3
* ringlogger: trim lines that are too wideJason A. Donenfeld2021-03-051-0/+1
* global: use CloseHandle rather than CloseJason A. Donenfeld2021-02-021-1/+1
* manager: use stricter handle inheritabilityJason A. Donenfeld2021-02-021-2/+1
* global: bump copyright dateJason A. Donenfeld2021-02-014-4/+4
* ringlogger: hook into global panic writerJason A. Donenfeld2020-12-092-9/+55
* global: update headersJason A. Donenfeld2020-11-224-4/+4
* conf: move configuration to C:\Program Files\WireGuard\DataJason A. Donenfeld2020-11-162-26/+6
* ringlogger: simplifyJason A. Donenfeld2019-10-011-5/+2
* version: hard code name and version at compile timeJason A. Donenfeld2019-08-301-3/+2
* version: use ProductName and ProductVersion as stringsJason A. Donenfeld2019-08-301-1/+3
* ringlogger: windows onlyJason A. Donenfeld2019-07-182-0/+0
* ringlogger: handle wraparound on initial dumpJason A. Donenfeld2019-07-181-8/+8
* global: use filepath.Join uniformlyJason A. Donenfeld2019-05-252-7/+7
* global: regroup all importsJason A. Donenfeld2019-05-143-5/+8
* ringlogger: add a basic CLI log dumping commandJason A. Donenfeld2019-05-081-0/+62
* ringlogger: export R/O handle for UI processJason A. Donenfeld2019-05-071-20/+32
* ringlogger: ensure that int64 in member is 64-bit aligned on 32-bit machinesJason A. Donenfeld2019-04-251-1/+1
* ringlogger: fix up testJason A. Donenfeld2019-04-251-3/+5
* ringlogger: give unprivd access via inheritable mapping handleJason A. Donenfeld2019-04-021-6/+28
* ringlogger: introduce basic file ring loggingJason A. Donenfeld2019-03-213-0/+318