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* jh/scan-path: scan_path(): Do not recurse into hidden directories by default scan_path(): Improve handling of inaccessible directories
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@@ -274,6 +274,14 @@ root-title::
Text printed as heading on the repository index page. Default value:
"Git Repository Browser".
+ If set to "1" and scan-path is enabled, scan-path will recurse into
+ directories whose name starts with a period ('.'). Otherwise,
+ scan-path will stay away from such directories (considered as
+ "hidden"). Note that this does not apply to the ".git" directory in
+ non-bare repos. This must be defined prior to scan-path.
+ Default value: 0. See also: scan-path.
A path which will be scanned for repositories. If caching is enabled,
the result will be cached as a cgitrc include-file in the cache