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@@ -224,6 +224,11 @@ noheader::
Flag which, when set to "1", will make cgit omit the standard header
on all pages. Default value: none. See also: "embedded".
+ A list of subdirectories inside of scan-path, relative to it, that
+ should loaded as git repositories. This must be defined prior to
+ scan-path. Default value: none. See also: scan-path.
Maximum number of files to consider when detecting renames. The value
"-1" uses the compiletime value in git (for further info, look at
@@ -253,7 +258,10 @@ root-title::
A path which will be scanned for repositories. If caching is enabled,
the result will be cached as a cgitrc include-file in the cache
- directory. Default value: none. See also: cache-scanrc-ttl.
+ directory. If project-list has been defined prior to scan-path,
+ scan-path loads only the directories listed in the file pointed to by
+ project-list. Default value: none. See also: cache-scanrc-ttl,
+ project-list.
The name of the current repository section - all repositories defined