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+gg_map: minimal version
+using evas, efx and elementary
+and igraph - http://igraph.sourceforge.net/index.html
+gg_sniff traceroute
+using jtrace code http://monkey.org/~jose/software/jtrace/
+use libdnet for encoding / decoding
+Connectivity improvements:
+libglouglou: connect and disconnect packets
+libglouglou: keepalive and timeout
+glougloud: when no viz cli, report to probes
+probes: when ggd tells no viz cli, stop sending traffic
+gg_elife: forced_colors of gg_packet disapear to black with time
+libglouglou: doxygen documentation
+libglouglou: ability to log to file + logging from utils and sendbuf
+glougloud + gg_trackproc + gg_sniff: use gg_log
+libglouglou: function handlers per packet: _encode, _decode, _getsize
+general glouglou Makefile that builds the right stuff
+iron main
+TODO later: network
+using http://networkx.lanl.gov/
+make graph without displaying data packets
+without even receving them (register packet type to glougloud, that could
+tell the probe that all clients have registered only specific events so the
+probe do not send other type of events)
+include wireshark dissectors to give habitility to builds maps based on known