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You get informations of traffic flowing on the monitored interface.
+=== Notes on architecture and security ===
+glougloud is architectured in 3 processes:
+ * main process, runs as root, opens the capture interfaces with
+libpcap and resolves DNS names
+ * server process, runs as _glougloud user and chrooted in _glougloud
+home, listens and accepts or refuses clients connections
+ * user process, runs as _glougloud user and chrooted in _glougloud
+home, parses the captured network traffic and sends a summary to the
+connected clients
+The 3 processes exchanges messages througt messages, with OpenBSD imsg
+Note that glougloud activates extra protections on pcap capture only
+on OpenBSD by reimplementing some of libpcap functions, see
+glougloud.c my_pcap_open_live()